Green Laning in the Yorkshire Dales

What is ‘Green Laning’ you ask?

Greenlaning (or two-tracking) is one of the least extreme categories of off-roading.  It is generally suitable for any four wheel drive vehicle, even with factory tyres and equipment.  The term greenlane refers to the fact that the routes are predominantly along unsurfaced tracks, forest tracks, or older roadways that may have fallen into disuse.   For a lot of greenlaners the main emphasis is on enjoying the countryside and accessing areas that may be seldom traveled by motor vehicles, rather than exploring the performance envelope of their vehicle.

Greenlaning is popular among All Wheel Drive (AWD) SUVs with limited off-road capabilities, being designed for only light off-roading in normal use.

The use of these Green Lanes around the UK are legal to drive your vehicle or motorcycle on.  However, as they are considered legal roads (albeit unsurfaced), your vehicle must be Taxed, Insured and you must have a Driving Licence.

It is great fun, you should try it.  Check out the North-East Laners Club (of which I am a member) for group Green Laning days around the North-East of England.

Some pictures from my day ‘Green Laning’ in the Yorkshire Dales on November 13, 2011.

This was the first time I had been Green Laning and was a passenger (this time) so it gave me an opportunity to get some great photographs.  These are un-edited.  This is what it was like all day.