Holiday Gift Wishlist – Item #1

As another year draws to a close.  The holidays are only just around the corner, and we are all writing those (mental) lists of items that we would so love to be given as gifts by our loved ones.

I am not talking about that Ferrari 360 that you’ve always wanted.  I think it is unlikely that many of us would receive a such gift.

Number One on my list of items I would so love to have is the:

EXOdesk from EXOPC.  Estimated price: $1,299

The EXOdesk consists of a 40-inch HD desk has been compared to the the Microsoft Surface. The most notable difference between Microsoft’s product and EXOPC EXOdesk is the Price. The Surface retails for $8,900, while the EXOdesk looks more like a consumer product with its more manageable price tag of $1,299.

The desk is expected to be released in the early part of 2012.  If it turns out to be only $1,299… then I so will be buying one.  Only hope this one is real.

There is not much to the video, but it worth a watch to see what this puppy can do.

There is more to come soon.