Spending Your Gift Money…

Hello all, I trust you had a wonderful time this Christmas Season, we only have one day left of 2011.  I thought I would would place a quick post to finish off the year about gifts and money.

As we get older it becomes less important on material items as gifts, and see the gift of money or gift vouchers as the best solution, not just because it is the easiest way out because you simply can’t think of anything to buy that someone who probably has everything you can think of anyway, it is a great way to allow that person buy what they want with the money.  Whether it is a cash gift, iTunes Gift Card, Store Credit Voucher, or a Book Token, it allows us to get the things in life we’ve always want or need.

For a number of years now, my parents have given me money instead of material gifts, as this gives me the extra cash I may need to put towards something I would like to do or purchase… or sometimes that moment when you’ve over stretched yourself and need that helping hand…

Anyways, my biggest problem is spending that money before I have even got it… take my post about the Supercar Experience (from Holiday Gift Wishlist (1)) – I had purchased this experience for two reasons (believe what you will) 1. It was my gift to myself for Christmas, it is something I have always wanted to experience, 2. I received a discount voucher which made it much more appealing.  Sure I was aware that my parents would be giving me some money at Christmas time and this would help pay for it sure… the problem is that… when I received my gift from my parents and money from my grandmother I didn’t put that money towards paying for it… I spent it on something else (yes I know… useless right!).

Well I would like to share with you the items I have brought using the money I received over the holidays and would love to hear from all of you what you spent your Christmas money on…

1. Volo Race Fins
(approx. £36.00 online)

I will be visiting Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt in February 2012 and intend to do a spot of Snorkeling and as I do not currently own a set of fins for this purpose, this was first on my list.

2. Aqualung Snorkelling Backpack Bag
(approx. £15.00 eBay)

To go with my new fins and the rest of my Snorkeling gear I brought this Aqua Lung bag, it has a great pocket on the front that should easily house my mask, and the main part will house my new fins, my snorkel and hopefully a small(ish) towel.

3. Universal Aluminium Light Bar
(approx. £55.00 eBay)

Many of you who read this blog will know I am a fan of going off-road in my 4×4 once in a while.  I have wanted to get some accessories to assist me in this venture, and one such accessory is a Light Bar for spot lamps for the roof.

For vehicles with roof rails, this universal aluminium light bar is:

  • Adjustable from 26” (660mm) inbetween the roof rails up to 58”(1473mm), fits most cars with roof rails!
  • High tensile strength aluminium.
  • Pre drilled to securely hold up to 6 x 9 inch lights.
  • Securely clamps around the roof rails supplied with rubber strips to prevent damage to your roof rails.
  • Will fit roof rail sizes up to 1.5″ (38mm) in width and between 1″ (25.4mm) and 2″(50.8mm) in height.
  • No drilling required.

To go with this I have purchased 4 x spot lamps instead of the circular ones shown in the picture.  I also had to purchase the wiring kit that goes with it.

Approximately £30.00 eBay

Approximately £10.00 eBay

So in all, I have spent approximately £146.00.  I will be posting about these items when they arrive and I get a chance to use them.

As previously mentioned, I would love to hear from you guys, let me know what you got as gifts or what you purchased if you were given a cash gift or gift card.