Electric Motorbikes Just Got Cooler…

With a more than a passing fascination of riding motorbikes, I can appreciate the aesthetics of them, and the thrills they give you when you get on a powerful two-wheeler.  I have driven cars for over ten years and cannot find what the fascination is for swapping the combustion engine we have come to love for ‘batteries’.

Sure today, battery-powered cars will help to save the planet from the harmful gases our cars and bikes produce.  The problem is, no car maker out there (with the exception of the Tesla Roadster) is making a cool looking battery-powered car with the power of today’s combustion engine, whilst giving – without a better phrase – good fuel economy.

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Mac Build Update.

You all might remember a post I made back at the beginning of December 2011, about building a Mac Pro for the quarter of the price of purchasing one from Apple directly [Mac Pro at Quarter of the Price (Tutorial)].

Well I wanted to do an update to that particular build, and throw out a testament to the Mac OSx Operating System.  Sure the specifications used in this build were not genuine Apple parts, only very similar to the ones they would use.

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Today’s Quick Post: Some Interesting Statistics.

Having the ability to know where your visitors are coming from when they visit your website, has always been interesting to me. It allows me to tailor my posts more to what my readers want and hopefully knowing what people like to read on this blog will mean it will get more visitors.

I have up to now 793 visits to my site since it started in November 2011.  I am hoping to make this site more popular and have a lot more of you readers.

I want to thank those of you who have visited my site and hope you will continue to follow my ramblings…

This is what I have found for the month of January:

Visitors for January 2012 – 51


Firefox 9.0 23
Google Chrome 16.0 13
Internet Explorer 8.0 5
Internet Explorer 9.0 4
Firefox 8.0 3
Safari 5.1 mobile 1
Firefox 3.6 1
Google Chrome 14.0 1

It does worry me a little that people are still using version 3.6 of Firefox.

Operating Systems

Windows XP 22
Windows 7 16
Mac OS X 7
Windows Vista 5
iPhone 1


The United Kingdom 25
The United States 20
Indonesia 1
Romania 1
Australia 1
India 1
Canada 1
Spain 1

Firefox still seems to be the most popular web browser of choice.  Being a Mac OSx fan, I would like to see more people using that operating system, but I do see that Windows XP still tops the table over Windows 7.

Thank you again to my visitors.  I will do a report like this every once in a while.

Where Are They Now: Home Improvement.

First things first, it has been a while since I have last updated this blog, and I apologize for the lack of posts over the last week.  This has been due to a very busy few days, so much going on.

Today I am introducing a(-nother) new category of postings to this blog… It is called ‘Where Are They Now’ or W.A.T.N. for short.  I am going to take a television program that was extremely popular at the time, from the last forty or so years including the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and the 2000’s, that is unlikely to be on the air as re-runs around the world now, and do a short write up on what the program was about, and then do a small biography of each of the characters and the actors that played them, and after a little bit of research in to each of them, letting you know what they have been up to since the show ended.

I have a few television shows on my list that I will be publishing over the next few weeks, but if there is a television program that you remember watching in the years mentioned above and would like to know what has happened to the actors from that show, then let me have your suggestions in the comments below.

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Today’s Quick Post: Creativity with my Photographs.

See if you can guess the location of each photograph in this collage.


Rant Time: 10 Words You Need to Stop Misspelling

I am not saying I am perfect when it comes to writing articles for my blog, I certainly am not (see that was bad grammar) – Anyways, it really does get on my nerves when I am reading a really interesting article about something, anything, and the writer uses the wrong spelling of a word or context of a word…

For Example: Using ‘Then’ instead of ‘Than’, which is the most common, I find it very difficult to read the article properly, and makes me want to be able to edit the article to read correctly.

The other day, someone whom I follow on Twitter posted this really funny cartoon by The Oatmeal site, which really gets the point across the way it should be.  Check it out people and help me get the point across to everyone to write these words and many more like them correctly, use the right spelling and the right context.

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Photography : Northumberland

Out Green-Laning – Part 2

Northumberland is one of the most beautiful locations in the British Isles and being able to drive lanes through farm-yards, fields, woodlands and drive them legally is absolutely fantastic.  Having the opportunity to engage in this activity with other like minded people gives you the opportunity to meet people and make some new friends.

I went out with some guys at the weekend around Blanchland, Northumberland and Derwent Reservoir and here is some pictures of the day.

Today’s Quick Post: BikeExif Interview with Charley Boorman

We recently saw Charley Boorman on his last adventure across the country that is Canada on his Extreme Frontiers Show.

BikeExif, the motorcycling blog has a great interview of Charley Boorman, answering some questions about his experiences of riding motorbikes growing up and is adventures around the world.

It is definitely worth a look.  Check it out here.


What was the first motorcycle you bought with your own money?

It was a Yamaha DT100 (below) and I still have it today. Both of my girls learned to ride on it. It’s such a fantastic bike.


Out Green-Laning – Part 1

I have been out Green-Laning today around Blanchland, Northumberland and Derwent Reservoir – I will be posting some photographs of the day but in the mean time here is a couple nice photographs for you to enjoy.