Rant Time: 10 Words You Need to Stop Misspelling

I am not saying I am perfect when it comes to writing articles for my blog, I certainly am not (see that was bad grammar) – Anyways, it really does get on my nerves when I am reading a really interesting article about something, anything, and the writer uses the wrong spelling of a word or context of a word…

For Example: Using ‘Then’ instead of ‘Than’, which is the most common, I find it very difficult to read the article properly, and makes me want to be able to edit the article to read correctly.

The other day, someone whom I follow on Twitter posted this really funny cartoon by The Oatmeal site, which really gets the point across the way it should be.  Check it out people and help me get the point across to everyone to write these words and many more like them correctly, use the right spelling and the right context.

Read your article before posting it and don’t write it like you would say it.  Using the right spellings and grammar make all the difference to an article and it gives the impression to those reading it that you are an intelligent writer.

I am sure someone out there will pick up on something in this article that they consider incorrect, and if there is anything, after I have read it multiple times then I apologise in advance.

Source : The Oatmeal

I am going to add one more to this list.

When you are saying you are really hungry, or something is really funny.

Then it is:

‘Really’ Hungry or ‘Really’ Funny


‘Real’ Hungry or ‘Real’ Funny