Today’s Quick Post: Some Interesting Statistics.

Having the ability to know where your visitors are coming from when they visit your website, has always been interesting to me. It allows me to tailor my posts more to what my readers want and hopefully knowing what people like to read on this blog will mean it will get more visitors.

I have up to now 793 visits to my site since it started in November 2011.  I am hoping to make this site more popular and have a lot more of you readers.

I want to thank those of you who have visited my site and hope you will continue to follow my ramblings…

This is what I have found for the month of January:

Visitors for January 2012 – 51


Firefox 9.0 23
Google Chrome 16.0 13
Internet Explorer 8.0 5
Internet Explorer 9.0 4
Firefox 8.0 3
Safari 5.1 mobile 1
Firefox 3.6 1
Google Chrome 14.0 1

It does worry me a little that people are still using version 3.6 of Firefox.

Operating Systems

Windows XP 22
Windows 7 16
Mac OS X 7
Windows Vista 5
iPhone 1


The United Kingdom 25
The United States 20
Indonesia 1
Romania 1
Australia 1
India 1
Canada 1
Spain 1

Firefox still seems to be the most popular web browser of choice.  Being a Mac OSx fan, I would like to see more people using that operating system, but I do see that Windows XP still tops the table over Windows 7.

Thank you again to my visitors.  I will do a report like this every once in a while.


4 thoughts on “Today’s Quick Post: Some Interesting Statistics.”

    1. Hi Matt, I have the site set up with Performance Metrics – ( all you need to do is set up and account, and they will give you code to put on your site somewhere. You must pick the one WITHOUT javascript because WordPress will not allow you to add it. It is simply a hidden picture that the P-Metrics site sees and then visiting it once in a while shows you all this information and more.

      Hope that helps Matt,


        1. Hi Matt, I don’t think it will allow you to put it on things like Facebook or Forums, as you will need to have a static place for the code to be, Facebook main page you don’t own only a portion of it. It works for websites you own or wordpress blogs because you are able to edit the code for the main site.

          Hope that helps.


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