Electric Motorbikes Just Got Cooler…

With a more than a passing fascination of riding motorbikes, I can appreciate the aesthetics of them, and the thrills they give you when you get on a powerful two-wheeler.  I have driven cars for over ten years and cannot find what the fascination is for swapping the combustion engine we have come to love for ‘batteries’.

Sure today, battery-powered cars will help to save the planet from the harmful gases our cars and bikes produce.  The problem is, no car maker out there (with the exception of the Tesla Roadster) is making a cool looking battery-powered car with the power of today’s combustion engine, whilst giving – without a better phrase – good fuel economy.


It seemed for a while that motorbikes were going that way too, until now…

…Meet the Brutus 2.0 – this deceptive looking bike is actually a battery-powered bike, and is (obviously) the sequel to the original, matching the five-speed transmission, weighing in at 536lbs and expected to sell for around $35,000, and I have to tell you… I want one!

Now with a completely new look, the Brutus 2.0 has a lithium battery rather than lead based batteries used in earlier models.  The Brutus 2.0 bike continues with traditional motorcycle concepts and uses a chain setup replacing the belt of its predecessor.

This chain setup helps this bike power it’s way up to 60 in just under five seconds.  There doesn’t appear to be any specifications on its top speed, but the manufacture assures us that this bike will easily break the 100 mph barrier.  It can also manage to run for 100 miles on a full charge.

Anything this cool, deserves to be out on our roads, and definitely would consider purchasing one over a traditional bike… only thing is… Brutus, you need to get that cost down, to help out those of us who can’t stretch that far.

Want to read more about this bike, and see more beautiful images, check out the Brutus website.

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    1. Totally agree… Don’t you want one? I think if they reduce the price a little it would be an alternative purchase.


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