Hello From Egypt….

Well, after two years of waiting for a vacation abroad, the time has finally come for my trip to Egypt.  It is only for a week, but I have been looking forward to it for quite some time.

It is my first day in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt.  This post had been scheduled to post automatically on February 20, 2012, for the simple fact that I wasn’t sure if I was going to have access to the Internet whilst I am away.  If I do have access to the Internet, expect regular updates (hopefully) with pictures.  If I do find that I do NOT have access to the Internet whilst I am away, you can expect a several-part series of posts to tell you guys all about it.

What I can tell though, is that I posted some time ago, that I was going to Egypt and that I intend on completing two excursions while I am here:

  • 2-Hour Quad-Bike Tour into the Desert to see the Sun-Set across the mountains.
  • 1-Day Trip into Cairo to see the Pyramids.

Until I have scoped the area, found I have Internet access and lots to tell, here is an update on the weather currently in Egypt.

Find more about Weather in Sharm El Sheikh, EG


2 thoughts on “Hello From Egypt….”

    1. Hi Rick, Thanks I did have fun. It was unfortunate that my hotel didn’t have access to the Internet, but now I am back expect to see some photo’s… lots of them.

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