Today’s Cool Concept: Know your Parking Spot in Advance

What is the one thing that annoys us drivers?  Parking! right.  Whenever you visit the shopping mall that has an extremely large parking garage that is very busy, it is difficult to find that one spot to park your car.

Well designers, Shih Chang-Chi, Huang Shao-Heng & Wang Shou-Yu have come up with a great idea that I think should have been implemented a very long time ago.  On entering the parking lot, you receive a ticket that could serve two purposes, it serves as your parking ticket, that could show when you entered the parking lot, and this is the best bit…

…it can also show you where the next available parking spot is by printing location information in the garage, and which spot is free right on the ticket for you.

Now you don’t need to go round in circles to find that one empty spot.  You might end up with that one parking slot that is so far from the exit however, but a great concept none the less.

Here are the concept pictures they posted on Yanko Design website.