Apology and Coming Soon…

I first want to take this opportunity to apologize for the lack of posts over the last few weeks.  I have just simply been snowed under with various things going on.  I have been trying [honest] to write various articles but never get a chance to finish them, so they are slowly getting updated.

This is where the general warning comes in, I will be posting quite a lot of articles over the coming days, so bare with me while I get them all sorted.

Not in any particular order, the following articles are things I have been working on and will be coming soon…

  • 3 Epic Apple Product Concepts, I Would Like to See Made…
    This is an article outlining three amazing conceptual designs found from scouring the inter-web, of Apple products that I would like to see made.
  • Where have you been? Where would you like to go?
    This is a travel based article of where I have visited, where I would like to visit.  It also includes information on some the places where I have lived.
  • Where are they now? : Everwood
    Something that I know has been long awaited.  My last article on Where are they now? : 7th Heaven – has been extremely popular and is visited almost on a daily basis, and have wanted to work on an article about the ever popular television series Everwood.
  • Green Laning : Hexham and Haltwhistle
    I was recently out on the lanes again over the Easter Weekend, and have some photographs to show you all.

Not much you might think, but each one of these articles, are going to be very comprehensive, so please bare with me while I get my website sorted out.