Today’s Quick Post : New Website and Portfolio…

Hi all, just a very quick post to let you all know, that I have finally gotten my Main Website up and running, which includes access to my Photography and Digital Design Portfolio.

Each of the Main Website and Portfolio can be accessed using the links in the title bar at the top of any page within this Blog.

Main Website [link]

This is, for the moment a site for you to bookmark, allowing easy access to my Blog (this site) and my Portfolio.  This site will grow over time.

Portfolio [link]

Based on the wonderful WordPress, this site is a work in progress.  This where I am going to showcase a lot of my photography and digital design work.  There will be much more detail in how the digital design work was created, where and how the photograph was taken.

I would appreciate any comments you might have on what you think about these new additions.  Please feel free to leave a comment here, or post your comments in response to the photographs within the portfolio.