Nest – Updates Their Smart Thermostat.

Back in December (which seems so long ago now, but it’s only about 4-5 months), I wrote my ‘30 Cool Gadgets and Concepts‘ article, in which I mentioned a new product by the company Nest of the same name. Now Nest have updated their smart thermostat with new features and I wanted to do a full review of its features.


 $249 per unit.



Nest is the intelligent thermostat that learns about its environment and its owner’s lives, by its usage, by simply turning it up or down.


With energy saving features like Auto-Away and Energy History become available as Nest learns about your daily schedule.  Auto-Away turns heating and cooling down automatically when no one is at home, saving you energy and money.  Energy History shows you how much energy you’ve used daily.


The Nest will display a Green Leaf to show you that you’re saving energy.  By just turning down the temperature by one degree can save you up to 5%.

Because you are cold, and turn up the heating high to heat the house.  It is going to take some time to reach that temperature, so Nest will also estimate to you how long it will take to reach the temperature you’ve set.


After approximately a week, Nest will have automatically programmed itself to your schedule.  It knows what time you get up and what temperature you like.  By the time you go to work, Nest senses the house is empty and lowers the temperature.  Nest will automatically warm up the house in time for you coming home from work.  Even if you manually make a temperature change during its schedule for a series of days, it will sense this and program this into its memory for the next time.  It’s bedtime, Nest automatically adjusts the temperature.

You are also able to access your homes thermostat from wherever you are to view the energy usage in Energy History.  You are also able to adjust the temperature of the thermostat online so you come home to nice toasty house if it is particularly cold outside.

Nest even have an app for your iPhone or iPad, it is real-time control, secure and private.  The Nest thermostat will even automatically update itself when a new software update becomes available (as long as you’ve connected it to your Wi-Fi – but then you would not be able to view its energy usage and adjust the temperature if you don’t).

You can even have multiple thermostats installed in the same home, called Multi-Zones, they can be controlled by one Nest account, and they all work together to save you energy.

What I really like about the Nest Thermostat, is that they seem to have thought of everything to help you install this fun but functional gadget in your home by yourself.

Each Nest has wiring points clearly marked to make it easy to know which colored wire goes where.  They even have a built in spirt-level to help you get the thing straight.  They even include a screwdriver, so no hunting around in the tool-shed for the right tools.

The Nest also has the ability to sense the activity in the building with a 150 degree wide angle view.

Nest is aware of the weather outside – Nest uses its Wi-Fi connection to keep eye on current weather conditions and forecasts so it can understand how the outside temperature will affect your energy use.

DIY Installation of your Nest Learning Thermostat

The biggest new feature of the new Nest is the Airwave function (where AC is available – Not very often in the UK) Airwave automatically turns off the AC a few minutes early, but keeps the fans running.  The air remains cool while saving you up to 30% energy.


My biggest question is… would this work within the UK.  Although this device is a little pricey at $249 per unit, I would consider buying one of these.  Let me have your thoughts on this little gadget, and your experiences of using one if you have one installed in your home.