Today’s Quick Post: Check Out Kelby Training…!

For a number of years, I had considered joining the National Association of Photoshop Professional (NAPP), the company that was founded by Scott Kelby, and the producers of Photoshop User Magazine.  This was a result of watching the ‘Photoshop Guys’ podcast since it began all those years ago.  I even remember when it was simply a MP3 podcast – try following a tutorial on Photoshop without a visual reference…


Anyways, I never did get round to joining, but now Scott Kelby has, his online Photography and Photoshop training site – Kelby Training, and after having the chance to try out the site for 24 hours, I was seriously impressed.  So impressed in fact that I am considering signing up for a full membership to allow me to check out more training courses.

I checked out the following courses and really learned a lot, despite the fact that I may never get a chance to photograph a car like this.  Thank you to Tim Wallace for his tips and tricks.

Environmental Light and Automotive PhotographyWith Tim Wallace

Meet up with Tim Wallace and a Dodge Challenger to learn what is possible for shooting cars with just one camera, one lens, and available light. Shooting a black car can present real challenges for proper exposure, but Tim’s careful, yet efficient process will take you through each step, and have you out shooting like a pro in no time! You’ll learn about the gear he uses, how to look at a scene from all the angles, and why it is important to leave yourself room to be creative.

Post Processing for Automotive Photography With Tim Wallace and Matt Kloskowski

Commercial photographer Tim Wallace is joined by Kelby Training’s own Matt Kloskowski back at the computer to get a first hand look at Tim’s workflow after returning from a shoot. Tim takes you through every step in his process of editing a series of exposures taken during his Environmental Light and Automotive Photography class and putting them into a final master image. Along the way you’ll learn professional tips and tricks for using Camera Raw and Photoshop that you can put to work on your own images right away!

You can too have a chance to check out this great training resource for 24 hours by going to this website [here].  They only make 75 Free Trials available each day so grab yours today.   You can even use their iPad app to view the classes.