What can we expect from WWDC2012? Rumor Roundup…


With just a little over eight hours to go until the long awaited Worldwide Developers Conference 2012 ‘Keynote’ from Apple opens its doors at the Moscone West conference center in San Francisco, California, what can we expect to see released…?

There has been a lot of speculation over the previous few months of what Apple will release at this years keynote.  Analysts however, say one particular item will NOT be on the agenda, the iPhone (5), as the iPhone 4s was only released back in October 2011, it is unlikely they will release a refreshed version until the Fall.  We however, can be sure (as sure as we can be, many of us have been disappointed in the past), we can expect to  see the following items:


iOS 6

Apple is certainly not keeping this one under-raps…

It is however, only likely that this new operating system for iOS Devices will be made available as beta to developers.  We can expect Apple to announce many new features of iOS, the biggest of which will be Apple’s own mapping solution for mapping and navigation.  Here is a list of the other rumored features of the latest version of iOS:

  • Complete Facebook Integration
  • Siri for iPad
  • Developer Usage Tracking
  • iCloud Safari Tabs

OS X Mountain Lion

Based on banners shown in the lobby of the conference center, it is a safe bet that Apple will be discussing ‘OS X Mountain Lion’, of which we saw an announcement back in February.

I am a little upset, Lion will now be the final operating system that I will be able to use.  Because based on what was announced in February, many older Mac’s will not be compatible with Mountain Lion, but I am living in hope that, even if Apple do not rescind this restriction, there will be a work around, for me to take advantage of the new features.

Speaking of new features…

  • Notification Center
  • Messages
  • Reminders
  • Game Center
  • Airplay
  • Automatic App Downloads
  • Password Generation in Safari
  • Offline Reading List / Voice Dictation


There is a third banner being prominently displayed in the lobby of the conference center, one for iCloud.  We can expect to see the following features:

  • New Web Apps (Notes, Reminders)
  • Enhanced Photo Sharing

MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac Pro, iMac Refresh

Certainly from a personal standpoint, I have been waiting on a refresh of the MacBook Air product line for some time now.  My MacBook Pro from 2006 is getting a little long in the tooth now, and feel I need a new laptop,  and because I am not really using what the MacBook Pro was intended for, a MacBook Air would be sufficient for my needs.  I had been getting conflicting reports of when I should update and when I should wait… I might still end up getting an older version even after the expected release of the new ones.

  • Thinner MacBook Pros
  • Update to MacBook Air Range
  • The Long Awaited update to the Mac Pro is also expected.

Apple TV

Will we see an actual television set from Apple…? It has been rumored that Apple will bring one to the market later this year or possibly early next year.  It is rumored that the company will unveil the operating system that will power such a device at the WWDC, along with an SDK to open up the development possibilities of the current Apple TV to third-party developers.


As I have previously mentioned that analysts believe that there will not be a refresh of the iPhone line until the Fall.

That’s it for now, I will update again tomorrow, with what we ‘actually’ get to see from Apple.

WWDC 2012 Keynote – Monday June 11th – 10am Pacific

Moscone West Conference Center, San Francisco, California.

Living in the UK, makes it somewhat difficult for me to get over to attend the conference.  So if any of my readers are intending to attend, I would love to get your experiences at the Keynote, leave them in the comments.