Introduction to the New Store

Hi folks,

Just a brief post today to introduce you to a new service from aiWeb20 in association with Mortar Studios Photography (the name under which my photography is placed).

There is now the new store, where you can purchase prints of my photography and digital creations.  I discovered a site called ArtWeb where I am able to show my creations and make them available for purchase.

ArtWeb is an easy-to-use web application that empowers artists, photographers, illustrators and all creative professionals to create and manage their own website quickly and affordable. With no software to download and no need to learn HTML, our comprehensive web-based control panel makes customizing and promoting your work a snap!

One thing about my photography and digital creations it has always being a personal hobby and had never considered selling my creations, but now would like to test the water.

Unfortunately, at the present moment, I am unable to offer the images for sale overseas, it is currently restricted to the United Kingdom (sorry to my Australian and American friends – it will be available soon).

I would love it if you guys would visit my new store, you can visit it using the link below, or simply click on the link at the top of this web site.  Even if you are not able to purchase one of the prints you find on this site, please leave me a comment of what you thought of the image.

ArtWeb Store

If you wish to purchase any of the images you see you will need to use the Contact Form, providing me with your full details and I will get in touch with you.  There is also Free Postage and Packaging to those in the United Kingdom.

There are three images available to purchase and here is a sneak preview:


  • Image #01 – Sunderland Marina (£37.50 framed) – Limited Edition (200)
  • Image #02 – River Wear Accommodation (£37.50 framed) – Limited Edition (200)
  • Image #03 – Wearmouth Bridge (£37.50 framed) – Limited Edition (200)

Each of the images were created using the original photograph as a reference and processed using a new piece of software I had discovered Dynamic AutoPainter by MediaChance which uses algorithms of famous painters of yester-year to automatically create a painted image of your photographs.  The main professional version is a Windows-based piece of software and is recommended to have significant amount of processing power and memory to ensure speed.

Each of these paintings (prints) are priced at £37.50 Framed with FREE Postage and Packaging.  Each of the images are also Limited Editions and are limited to 200 prints of each.  I might not be a famous photographer and well known but these will not be made available again once all prints have been sold, so grab yourself a limited edition print of Sunderland Riverside.

All you need to do if you wish to purchase one of these prints is contact me via providing me with the image name you wish to purchase, your full name, address and telephone number, and I can get in touch with you and arrange for you to pay.