Photostream #006: Sunset on Loch Lomond

I was required to visit Glasgow, Scotland this past weekend and while I was in the area I thought I would take the opportunity to take some pictures on the edge of Loch Lomond.  I have been to Scotland on a couple of occasions and find the countryside to be very beautiful.

Some photographers like to take the time to explain their story behind their photographs, and thought I would share my story to get the photographs you see below…

… Have I a story for you… you’ll get such a kick out of this one…

It all started with getting a post-code area of a location where another photographer had taken a picture looking across the waters of Loch Lomond.  I found the location of this post-code, but unbeknown to me, this location would turn out to be absolutely no-where near the edge of the Loch… using the GPS, it took me down a rather rugged track (good thing I have a 4-wheel drive SUV) because believe me you would have needed it.

When I arrived at the spot where the GPS said I had arrived at my destination, I was looking over a bridge with a rather large sign attached to it, saying “Unsafe Structure…”, well there was no way was I going to drive over this bridge and parked up the car thinking I am quite close to the Loch itself, I will walk from here (my first mistake).

So, I loaded up with warm clothing, thinking it might get a little cold as the night goes on, grabbed my fully loaded camera bag (my second mistake) and my tripod.  I haven’t weighed all my gear yet, but I would guess it is close to 40-50 pounds… anyways, I start walking with the aid of the new maps app on the iPhone (my third mistake – that thing is useless (that’s for another day)).  As I continue to walk, I can see a very blurry image of the Loch on my right, but as I walk, I am getting further and further away from it.

Long story short, I essentially end up walking what must be from one side of the Loch to the other and along the side of it but with nothing but fields between me and it… and no way of getting to it.  I was close to giving up, but the thought of losing all my light and not getting any pictures at all, spurred me on.

I finally came to a road that seemed to go in the direction I wanted with a caravan and camping ground at the end of it, but when I get to the end of this road, there is still no way to the waters edge.  After walking much further along this road, a home owner comes to his door (that had passed me earlier on the very same road in his car) said if I had know I would have given you a lift, but thought you were heading for the campsite!  I asked him if there was away to get to the waters edge, which he pointed me in the right direction, but said it would be another 10-15 minutes worth of walking before I would get to it.

When I finally got to the waters edge, I was so tired I ended up staying in the same spot for quite some time taking various photographs of the water and the progressing sunset over the top of the hills in the distance.

I must have taken close to 150 photographs, of which I only chose 7 that I felt were worth putting on my blog.  So with walking close to 6-7 miles with fully load gear and only getting a small collection from the pictures I had taken I am a little disappointed.

I am going to try out the photo-gallery that is part of this blogs template, which allows you guys to leave comments about the individual photographs you see rather than leaving the blog every time you click on a photograph.  I know you guys will be kind in your comments, but I want your honest opinion… what do you seriously think of the photographs.

The last photograph in the collection was taken with the following settings:

Camera: Canon EOS 30D
Date and Time: September 22nd 2012 – 19:52 pm
Shutter Speed: 59.0 Seconds
F-Stop: f/16
ISO Speed: 100
Focal Length: 20.0 mm
Lens: EF-S17-85mm f/4-5.6 IS USM
Additional Settings: 400 ND Filter


2 thoughts on “Photostream #006: Sunset on Loch Lomond”

  1. Great post! As you know it’s happened to me too. If I could offer one thought on this, it looks like you were there at sunset. Maybe try sunrise. At sunset you’re shooting into the sun – it’s hard to get anything but silhouettes at that point. At sunrise, during the very first few seconds of light in the day, it may hit those hills and trees in the background beautifully. I don’t know for sure, but hey… it’s worth a try 🙂

    1. Thanks for the comment Matt, it is always good to get some advice from you. After the amount of walking I did to try and get to the location, I was in no mood to get up early the next morning and do a sunrise set, because I was only in Glasgow a couple of days.

      Maybe next time, now I know how to get there.

      Appreciate you taking the time to read my blog.


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