Simma Live at Nancy Bordello’s… Review

On September 29th, 2012 I had the opportunity to go and listen to some live music at Nancy’s Bordello in Newcastle-upon-Tyne (quite a nice restaurant and cocktail-bar, worth checking out if you’re in the area).


The live music was by a singer and musician called Simma and Guest.  I have to say I was expecting music written by him, but it wasn’t, he played the guitar amazingly well and played a number of songs from the 70s through 90s, with some that I actually knew and could actually sing along to.  His guest was one heck of a guitar player, and at times made that guitar sound nothing like a guitar but a completely different instrument.

This guy is definitely worth going to see, check out his website for his next live gig… Live Dates

I took a few pictures while I was there, they are not the best and no where near my usual standard, because they were taken on an iPhone in very low light, but they give them a bit of atmosphere.

Try their Jack Daniels and Coke… Good.

That’s it for that update… hope you enjoyed a little review of that band.