U.S. Citizens May Have to Wait a Little Longer for their iPad Mini…

…as two thieves steal Apple’s shipment of iPad Mini’s from JFK Airport Monday (November 12, 2012).  An estimated value of $1.5 million.  According to the New York Post.
They struck shortly before midnight and used one of the airport’s own forklift trucks to load two pallets of the tablet computers onto a truck, according to law-enforcement sources.  It is believed they might have gotten away with more, but they were forced to leave three further pallets after they were challenged by airport staff returning from a break.

The thieves are still at large, and investigators are suspecting an inside job.    It is believed that the two thieves arrived at Building 261 around 11pm in a white tractor trailer marked with the name CEVA on the side, according to sources.  They pulled up to the side of the airport building that faces onto the street that has less security than the airport side.

Investigators, believe that someone let them into the area and let them out after grabbing what they could.

It is estimated that they got away with approximately 3,600 of the new iPad Mini’s believed to be destined for U.S. Customers around the country.  Apple is scheduled to release the cellular versions of their new tablet on Friday, and it is believed it was these that were a shipment from China.

In 1978, a group stole $5 million in cash and $900,000 in Jewelry from the same building.  Adjusting for inflation, in today’s valuations it is estimated thieves have managed to get away with approximately $21 million in goods and cash.

Let’s hope Apple remembered to switch on ‘Find my iPad’ and the thieves are caught… I suspect it is going to be quite difficult to sell these on.