Update: Developments in JFK iPad Mini Heist – Arrests Made

Following on from my previous article U.S. Citizens May Have to Wait a Little Longer for their iPad Mini… U.S. Federal agents have arrested a man they believe is connected to the theft.

Renel Rene Richardson has been arrested in connection with the heist, where it was believed that 3,600 iPad Mini’s were stolen from JFK Airport last week worth a reported $1.5 million, which is now thought to be worth more in the region of $1.9 million due to the more valuable 64-Gigabyte version with cellular being included in the ones stolen.

Richardson was arrested by the FBI after he allegedly made suspicious inquiries to co-workers about the shipment, as well as where he might gain access to a forklift truck.

The building from which the iPads were stolen, was the site of the infamous Lufthansa heist, in which $5 million in cash and $875,000 worth of jewelry were stolen.  This particular heist was featured in the 1990 film “GoodFellas”, starring Ray Liotta, Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci.

Richardson is reported to of been working at the Cargo Air Services building, and had two further people helping him.  It is alleged that he acted as the lookout, whilst the two accomplices loaded the two pallets of iPad Mini’s on to a truck.

Richardson reportedly accompanied Port Authority detectives in the search for the truck used in the heist.  It is however, unknown if any of the stolen iPads have been recovered.

If any further details come to light, I will update here.