iTunes 11: The wait is almost over! or is it?

Apple delayed the release of  iTunes 11 from its original scheduled release date of 31st October, promising it would arrive sometime in late November.  Stating that “…the new iTunes is taking longer than expected and we want to take a little extra time to get it right…”  I think Apple were not wanting to risk a similar situation the company had over the release of the Maps app, and having to write another apology letter for releasing a piece of software that was not quite finished.

The message was also released shortly after Jonathan Ive took over as Head of Human Interfaces at Apple, indicating he might have a hand in its look and feel beyond of what was originally planned.

Although I very rarely use iTunes any more, as it is the only place we can easily transfer music, movies, books, etc to our iDevices, and using it to watch my Podcasts, I don’t have much of a choice – I find iTunes as it stands now feels very out-dated and a refresh of the iTunes software has been a long time coming.  The update is reportedly to have the look and feel of the iOS and Desktop versions closer together.  It is planned to use album covers more, expandable with a click of the mouse to reveal track listings, along with a new feature of allowing users to preview a song without having to stay on the actual page.

Want more details of iTunes 11 New Features, head on over to the Apple website for a quick read, I’ll wait for you to come back…

… Welcome back – German music distribution service Feiyr are reported to have sent out emails to its customers, stating that iTunes 11 is due to be released in the next few days.  The English is not the best, but check out the screenshot below…

I will update as soon as I get word that iTunes 11 has been released and my initial thoughts of the refresh… What do you think?  Will you be upgrading?