All Things Digital: Tim Cook Gives Us An Impression of Where Apple is Heading…

Quick post today just to point you in the direction of an interesting Interview Video over at All Things Digital website with Tim Cook.  He gives us an impression of where Apple is heading and where he wants to take Apple.

I am not able to embed the video here for you unfortunately.  I suspect this will become available on YouTube at some point, so for the time being you will need to use the link below to view the video.

All Things Digital Tim Cook Interview


The Scammers Are At It Again…

Hello Everyone,

It has been quite sometime since my last post… there is a reason for that and I will post again to explain why when I have more time.  Today I just wanted to re-iterate my point about scamming emails and how people still fall for these, clearly incorrect emails.

Today I received an email from Yahoo! Internet Lottery Organization indicating that my email address had been selected from 50 Million email address around the world and I had won $1 Million US Dollars.

Here is that email (there is a few things on it I will point out that you can take away and not get taken in by these scammers):

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