The Scammers Are At It Again…

Hello Everyone,

It has been quite sometime since my last post… there is a reason for that and I will post again to explain why when I have more time.  Today I just wanted to re-iterate my point about scamming emails and how people still fall for these, clearly incorrect emails.

Today I received an email from Yahoo! Internet Lottery Organization indicating that my email address had been selected from 50 Million email address around the world and I had won $1 Million US Dollars.

Here is that email (there is a few things on it I will point out that you can take away and not get taken in by these scammers):



  1. Look out for spelling mistakes or grammatical errors.  Now I am no Wordsworth, but in this email they have used the phrase ‘Furthermore’ several times… with a space between the two words, which is incorrect, and miss use of capital letters.  Pay Out is written as ‘Payout’.  Most important if this has come from ‘The Yahoo-Thailland Internet Promotions’ don’t you think they should be able to spell Thailand correctly!… trivial I know but it is important on such a type of email that the wording is correct.
  2. Read the whole email and you will notice on this occasion there is a problem with geography… I am based (for the moment) in the UK, so why is the money in a Thailand Bank Account?  The winning amount is in US Dollars and the Her Majesty Department of Treasury is based in London UK, where the amount would be deposited if I do not claim my prize.
  3. Most importantly, Did you buy the Lottery Ticket? Did you speak and authorize a company to play this on your behalf? – If the answer to these two questions is NO, then don’t reply!!
  4. This email is clearly a template, because the wording (THE PROMOTIONS COMPANY) should have been replaced with the actual name of the promotion company that played the ticket and which 10% of your winnings are going to.

Don’t fall for these types of scams.  I know I have a little more experience of spotting these types of emails than some, but something has to be done to stop them.  If you receive something like this, just delete it and forget it.

That’s it for now, I will post again soon.