Lighting Up The Night Sky… Photography Experiment.

I was sitting near our balcony watching a little television and keeping an eye on what was happening outside.  We had had quite a warm muggy day with very little sunshine, but as a result, we ended up with quite a spectacular thunder storm… or certainly spectacular by my standards, not something I had experienced when I was living in the UK.

At first glance it just appeared to be flashing with lightning above a very full sky of clouds, but no actual forks were making their way down to the ground.  Additionally to this, there was hardly any Thunder rumbles after the lightning and no rain.

Those of you who know me, my main area of photography has always been Landscapes and Sunsets, of which there have been many on this site.

But I thought I would do an experiment, I had never done storm photography before, but I had a problem.  Since moving 12,000 miles across the world to Australia, I had only brought over my Camera and Memory Cards and not my Tripod (way too heavy), and I haven’t yet gotten round to buying another one.

So, with the camera propped up on a box, and the lens propped up with an empty Diet Soda can, I started taking pictures of what was happening outside, only to get very light pictures because of the lightning above the clouds.  But after several attempts at 30 seconds a piece, I finally got one picture I am quite proud of considering I had never done this type of photography before.

So this is the result:

LightingCanon 30D – 30 Seconds, f/11

Well that’s it for this post, hope you like the photo, which has had a nice response on my 500px site.

Let me have your thoughts in the comments below.  Have you done this type of photography before, I would like to get tips and tricks to get more like this or is it trial and error.

Until next time.


Greatings from the land of Oz…

After one month in Australia I have finally gotten round to posting here again.  I just wanted to post a quick update on what is happening and what I have planned if you’re interested in reading about my new life in the land of Oz.

The last four weeks have been quite a roller-coaster of a time.  I don’t think I expected it to be easy but I didn’t expect to have such a hard time.

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