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Show Synopsis

Everwood was an American drama television series that was originally shown on The WB network in the United States.  It told the story a well known Manhattan Neurosurgeon Dr Andrew ‘Andy’ Brown played by Treat Williams, who after his wife’s death decides that he and his 9-year-old daughter and 15-year-old son should move with him to the sleepy town of Everwood.

The series was set in the fictional small town of Everwood, Colorado.  The series was filmed in Ogden, South Salt Lake, Draper, Utah and Park City, Utah.  Everwood ran for a total of four seasons, running from 2002 through 2006.

Main Characters:

Dr Andy Brown played by Treat Williams.
Ephram Brown played by Gregory Smith.
Delia Brown played by Vivien Cardone.
Enda Harper played by Debra Mooney.
Irv Harper played by John Beasley.
Amy Abbott played by Emily VanCamp.
Bright Abbott played by Chris Pratt.
Rose Abbott played by Merrilyn Gann.
Dr Harold Abbott played by Tom Amandes.
Dr Linda Abbott played by Marcia Cross.
Nina Feeney played by Stephanie Niznik.
Dr Jake Hartman played by Scott Wolf.
Hannah Rogers played by Sarah Drew.

The series starts with the arrival of Dr Andrew “Andy” Brown (Treat Williams), a widower who leaves his successful job as a top Manhattan Neurosurgeon to live in the small Colorado town, Everwood.  With him is his 9-Year-Old daughter Delia (Vivien Cardone) and 15-Year-Old son Ephram (Gregory Smith).

He chose to move to Everwood because of his late wife’s stories of her emotional attachment to the town and that if anything were to happen to her, he should move there.

Many of the episode story  lines focus around settling into a new town, dealing with the death of a loved one, and the relationship between Andy and his son, who despite his reluctance to interact much in New York with his father because of his job did not want to leave his life and friends and wishes to work on getting back to New York as soon as possible.

The first season revolves around the main storyline involving Colin Hart, Amy’s (Emily VanCamp) boyfriend and older brother Bright’s (Chris Pratt) best friend.  Colin has been in a coma since July 4th the previous summer following a car accident he and Bright were involved in.  Amy sees her opportunity to help him by trying to convince Andy to revive him by using his neurosurgeon skills.  Andy reluctantly agrees to perform the operation.  Bright is sullen and distant about the situation.  He later confesses to his father that – contrary to what he had claimed all summer that he does in fact remember what happened.  He was the one driving the car and it is his fault Colin is the way is and that they were both drunk at the time.  His anguish is relived when Andy is successful in reviving Colin.

2005-0623-EverwoodIn the meantime, Ephram’s maternal grandparents come to visit and he decides he would rather return to New York to live with them.  Ephram’s grandfather, also a surgeon – berates Andy into letting Ephram go.  Delia and her grandmother befriend Edna Harper (Debra Mooney), a semi-retired army nurse.  They decide to throw her a surprise birthday at the Brown’s house.  At the party Andy and Ephram have a large fight about him moving back to New York, both retreat to other parts of the house with no decision made.  Andy and his father-in-law also fight, but are interrupted because Bright has collapsed, needing to have his appendix removed, but large amounts of snow has fallen since the party started which prevents them getting to a hospital.  To Harold’s disgust they are forced to perform emergency surgery at Andy’s office.  Andy sees how concerned and loving Harold is toward his son and tries to resolve his differences with Ephram confessing he would be half-a-man if he leaves.

The Series Finale

Everwood’s series finale, which aired on Monday June 05, 2006 was watched by 4.07 million viewers.  Despite this, “Foreverwood” the final episode was written as both a season and series finale because the future of the series was uncertain.  The impending The WB and UPN merger to the CW Television Network at the time, forced the producers to write two endings, the aired version, as well as additional scenes where Madison showed up to cause some cliffhanger trouble.

The producers originally scripted a montage for the series-finale cut that went forty years into the future to show a majority of the cast at Andy’s funeral – showing the series coming full circle, this was never filmed due to budget constraints, but also because the producers had hoped the series would be picked up for a fifth season.

Everwood was cancelled in favor of a new show, Runaway which Dawn Ostroff then cancelled after only three episodes, and for a new season of 7th Heaven which had just had its series finale.  The finale of 7th Heaven had close to seven million viewers.

(Source : Wikipedia Article)


Much like the series of 7th Heaven, I did not get to see Everwood at the time it was actually on the air.  I happened to see a rerun of the show on UK Television, and really enjoyed the episode and thought what the show would be like if I watched it from Episode One, so I made a mission to acquire the full set of the series and I am glad I did, I really enjoyed the series, and the characters that played in it.

I think, if The WB had not been merged into the CW Television Network, this series might have continued for a lot more seasons, and may have been on par with 7th Heaven’s 11 Seasons.

Right, that’s enough of me rambling on about the show, I will get into letting you know where the main characters are now and what they have been up to since the shows cancellation in 2006.  That’s why you came here in the first place… right.

Everwood-0109Treat Williams (Dr Andy Brown)
Born: Richard Treat Williams – December 01, 1951

Treat is well known for his starring role in the 1979 film Hair.  From 2002 to 2006, he was the star of the television series Everwood.  He is also known for starring in ‘The Substitute’ franchise, beginning with the 2nd movie of the series The Substitute 2.

Born in Rowayton, Connecticut, the son of Marian, an antiques dealer and Richard Norman Williams, a corporate executive.  His maternal Great-Great-Grandfather was Senator William Henry Barnum of Connecticut and a distant relative was Robert Treat Paine, a signer of the Declaration of Independence.  He graduated from the Kent School in Connecticut and Franklin and Marshall College.

Treat made his film debut in 1976, in the thriller movie Deadly Hero.  He came to the world’s attention when he starred in the 1979 movie Hair which was based on the 1967 Broadway musical.  He has gone on to appear in over 75 films and several television series.  Most notably: 1941 (1979), Once Upon a Time in America (1984), Dead Heat (1988) and Deep Rising (1988).

Treat is known for his leading role as Dr. Andrew Brown in the WB television series Everwood, about a New York neurosurgeon who moves his family to Colorado.  Although the show’s ratings were never spectacular, it won critical acclaim and had a devoted following.  Williams received two SAG Award nominations (2003 and 2004) for his role on the show.

Treat has recently made several guest appearances on the ABC drama Brothers & Sisters playing David Morton, a friend and potential suitor of the Sally Field character.  He also played a role in the short lived series Heartland on TNT as Nathaniel Grant.

Treat also starred in the Hallmark Hall of Fame movie Beyond the Blackboard with his former Everwood co-star Emily VanCamp, which aired on CBS on April 24, 2011.

In 2010, videos were posted on YouTube as well as edits to the Wikipedia page and a Facebook page about faking his death.  These included a graphic and detailed explanation of his illness and place of death.  In August of 2011, Treat responded to these rumors in an TreatWilliamsinterview with Contact Music, speaking of more recent rumors linking him to the new Quentin Tarantino film Django Unchained.  Regarding the death hoax, Treat stated “I did see that and I think those things are dangerous for your family and friends.”

Treat has been cast to star in the CBS pilot Peachtree  Lines as mayor Lincoln Rylan.  The serial is an examination of political, social and cultural issues in Atlanta, also starring Victoria Rowell, Ving Rhames, James Van Der Beek, Jason Dohring and Jena Malone.

gsmith-cropGregory Smith (Ephram Brown)
Born: Gregory Edward Smith – July 06, 1983

Gregory is a Canadian born actor, who began working as a child actor in the mid-1980s, initially starring in made-for-video and television movies.  He has since appeared in several Hollywood movies, and has become known for his role as Ephram Brown on the television series Everwood and more recently as Dov Epstein on the Canadian Cop series Rookie Blue (another of my favorites).

Born to Terrea, a teacher from the USA, and Maurise Smith, a British-born, Vancouver-based producer of low-budget films, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  Gregory’s mother has appeared in several of the movies his father has produced during the 1980s.  He has two brothers, Andrew and Douglas (who is also an actor) and a younger sister, Samantha.  He grew up in Vancouver and is both a Canadian and US citizen.

Gregory began is acting career at the age of just fourteen months old in a Tide television commercial and store catalogues.  After a role in the 1994 children’s movie Andre he starred in the 1995 direct-to-video release of Leapin’ Leprechauns and it’s 1996 sequel Spellbreaker: Secret of the Leprechauns.  Gregory has also starred alongside Mel Gibson in the The Patriot (2000) and played Jim Younger in the western American Outlaws (2001).

Gregory_Smith_2012In 2007, Gregory had a small role as Max Stanton in The Seeker: The Dark is Rising.  He also appeared in the Richard Attenborough-directed period romance Closing the Ring.

In 2008, Gregory produced the direct release-to-DVD movie Wieners, and made a guest appearance on the series Eli Stone.  He has now returned to television in the series Rookie Blue as Officer Dov Epstein, following the dramas of being a rookie cop in Canada Police Force.

A Beautiful Mind PremiereVivien Cardone (Delia Brown)
Born: Vivien Elisabeth Cardone – April 14, 1993.

The youngest of the cast, there doesn’t appear to a great deal of information on Vivien’s career since her role as Delia Brown on The WB Television series Everwood.

Born in Port Jefferson Village, Long Island, New York.  Her father Mark is a Long Island residential home builder and her mother a homemaker.  Vivien is the second oldest of four children.  Her older sister Olivia is also an actress.  She has a younger brother named Dallas and a younger sister named Lydia.  Vivien was named after Vivien Leigh, her mother’s favorite actress.

Vivien did start her professional acting career at the very early age of three months in national campaign commercials for companies like Pizza Hut, Sears, Pillsbury, Sherwin Williams and Prudential.  Her first movie appearance was as Marcee indexHerman in the Academy Award Winning movie A Beautiful Mind.  She was nominated for a Young Artist Award for Best Supporting Young Actress for her role as Delia Brown in The WB television series Everwood.

She has appeared in an episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent in 2010.

Debra_mooneyDebra Mooney (Edna Harper)
Born: Debra Vick – August 28, 1947

Born in Aberdeen, South Dekota to Isabel (Smith) and Henry Vick.  She is married to stage producer and director Porter Van Zandt.

Debra is best known for her role as Edna Harper on the drama series Everwood.  She has appeared in many stage productions and has played roles in over 80 movies and television shows.  Her most notable movie credits include Chapter Two opposite Marsha Mason, Tootsie, Dead Poets Society and Domestic Disturbance.  On television she has also starred in short-lived Dream Street, Davis Rules and Kirk.  Debra has had guest appearances on shows like Roseanne, ER, Everybody Loves Raymond, Greys Anatomy, Bones and Weeds.

mooneyHer most recent appearance has been on the 2012/2013 television series Scandal as Verna Thornton.

Debra has too many Movie and Television credits to list here, I suggest you head on over to her Wikipedia page if you wish to learn of which shows she has been part of.

Everwood-JohnBeasley-2John Beasley (Irv Harper)
Born: John Beasley – June 26, 1943

John is an American actor known for his role as Irv Harper on the television series Everwood and recurring roles on CSI, Millennium and The Pretender.  He has also portrayed characters as General Lasseter in The Sum of All Fears, and Rev. C. Charles Blackwell in The Apostle.  In 1992 he played Jesse Hall’s dad in the movie The Mighty Ducks.

JAN2012-500pxJohn did not begin his acting career until his mid-40s.  Prior to this he was a railroad worker with the Union Pacific Railroad.  He has also established the John Beasley Theater and Workshop in South Omaha, Nebraska where he was born, raised and where he still considers home.  He enjoys teaching and directing at the theater.  He also keeps busy with junior golf and tennis programs and fundraisers for the American Heart Association.  He and his wife have been married for 37 years and have two grown sons who are aspiring actors.

emilyvancampEmily VanCamp (Amy Abbott)
Born: Emily Irene VanCamp – May 12, 1986

Emily is a Canadian born actress best known for her roles on The WB Everwood and ABC’s Brothers & Sisters and Revenge.

Born in Port Perry, Ontario to Cindy and Robert VanCamp, she is the third of four girls.  Her father an Animal Nutritionist and her first job was working for her father, delivering food to clients in and around her hometown.

Emily started studying dance at the age of three and wanted to become a professional dancer, at the age of eleven she convinced her parents to let her attend a summer training program in Montreal.  At twelve she was accepted at the Ecole Superieure de ballet du Quebec, the training program of Les Grands Ballets Candiens and moved in with a local French Canadian family.

That same year she became interested in acting after visiting her sister Katie on the set of Ladies Room.  She started taking acting classes on Saturday’s, found an agent and after working on a couple of commercials, Emily was cast in the second part of the three-part Season 7 premier of the Canadian children’s horror anthology television series Are you Afraid of the Dark.

Emily experienced her big break at the age of 15 when she was cast as Sam Dolan in the WB mid-season show Glory Days.  The horror mystery received mildly positive reviews but was a ratings disappointment and was cancelled after only nine episodes.  However, her performance caught the eye of Dawson Creek writer Greg Berlanti, and cast her in his forthcoming first show, Everwood also for the WB.  She received a certain amount of recognition for the role, in which the character is confronted with drugs, depression and alienation from her family, receiving four Teen Choice Awards nominations and one Young Artist Award nomination during the course of the show.

Emily’s next big role was to be on the ABC drama series Brothers & Sisters that Everwood’s creator Greg Berlanti cast her for directly.  She remained a regular on the shows first four seasons and return as a guest for a couple of the episodes of the fifth season.

In 2013 Emily was cast in Captain America: The Winter Soldier as Sharon Carter, a potential love interest for Chris Evans’ Titular Hero and the niece of the previous film’s love interest Peggy Carter played by Hayley Atwell.  The film was shot from April through June 2013 and is scheduled to be released this coming April (April 4th, 2014).

1301-emily-interviewEmily’s latest project is on the independent drama The Girl in the Book which started filming mid-June 2013 in New York City.  Based on a true story, the film centers on Emily’s character Alice Harvey, a 28-Year-Old assistant book editor and aspiring writer.  In order to fund the post-production, the film’s producers launched a crowdfunding Kickstarter campaign on June 17, 2013 which was successful in surpassing its $65,000 (US) goal on July 1st.  The Girl in the Book is expected to premier sometime in 2014.

chrispratt_everwoodChris Pratt (Bright Abbott)
Born: Christopher Michael Pratt – June 21, 1979

Chris is known for his television roles, Andy Dwyer in Parks and Recreation and Brighton (Bright) Abbott in Everwood, as well as his supporting performances in films such as Moneyball, Zero Dark Thirty, The Five-Year Engagement, Her and Delivery Man.  He recently provided the voice of the main character in the upcoming 2014 animated family film The Lego Movie and is set to appear as Peter Quill / Star-Lord in the upcoming Marvel Studios superhero film Guardians of the Galaxy in August 2014.

Born in Virginia, Minnesota and raised in Lake Stevens, Washington where he played fullback for his high-school football team as well as participating in wrestling and track.  He married actress Anna Faris on July 09, 2009 in Bali (sorry ladies).  On August 25, 2012, Chris and Anna had a son, Jack.

Chris was waiting tables at the Bubba Gump Shrimp Company restaurant in Maui, Hawaii when he was discovered by actor-director Rae Dawn Chong, where she cast him in the horror movie Cursed Part 3.  Chris’s first regular television role was on the series Everwood.  After its cancellation, Chris joined the cast of The O.C. for chris_prattits fourth season, playing Che, an activist.

Most recently, in November 2013, with Josh Brolin no longer in talks for the film Jurassic World, Chris was in early negotiations for the lead role, a ‘rugged, ex-military man’ named Owen.  Ron Howard tweeted in January 2014 that Chris had a starring role in a film which he later confirmed.

roseabbottMerrilyn Gann (Rose Abbott)
Born: Merrilyn Gann – January 03, 1963

There doesn’t appear to be too much information about Merrilyn, except that she was bitten by the acting bug at the age of 14.  She has had many roles in television, film and theater.

A native of Vancouver, British Columbia, Merrilyn is the co-founder of the Northern Light Theater in Edmonton and Bard on the Beach in Vancouver and has performed in numerous stage productions in many prominent theaters across Canada.  She is also an avid singer.  Along with her sister, Angela and best friend Kathy, Merrilyn fulfills her love for singing by performing in her accapella group, Kamerran.

MerrilynGannMerrilyn’s television credits include guest-starring roles in Glory Days, The X-Files, and Beyond Belief.  Her movie credits include Heart of the Sun, Falling in Love… Again and Best in Show.  She received a Masters of Fine Arts from the University of British Columbia.  When she is not filming, she can be found gardening and spending time with her two sons.

dr abbottTom Amandes (Dr. Harold Abbott)
Born: Tom Amandes – March 09, 1959

Tom is best known for his role as Dr. Harold ‘Hal’ Abbott in the WB drama series Everwood and as Eliot Ness in the 1990s version of The Untouchables television series.  He has also played Geena Davis’ boyfriend in The Long Kiss Goodnight and Abraham Lincoln in the 2012 movie Saving Lincoln.

Tom was born the sixth of eleven children in Richmond, Illinois.  He began acting at a very early age, performing at home with his siblings and starring in school productions.  He graduated from Crystal Lake Central High School.  In 1981, after graduating from The Goodman School of Drama at DePaul University, he set out to apprentice on the Chicago stage.

The turning point of Tom’s career was being cast as Eliot Ness in the television series The Untouchables.  He went on to star in The Pursuit of Happiness before moving on to star in the television series Everwood from 2002 to 2006.

During the filming of Everwood, Tom would split his time between 20146-tom-amandes_largeLos Angeles and the show’s homebase of Ogden, Utah with his wife, actress Nancy Everhard, whom he met while working on The Untouchables.

His latest movie credits include Imagine a short film, which is currently in post-production.


marciaMarcia Cross (Dr. Linda Abbott)
Born: Marcia Anne Cross – March 25, 1962

Marcia is known for her roles as Dr. Kimberly Shaw on the Fox soap opera Melrose Place (1992-1997) and Bree Van de Kamp on the ABC comedy-drama series Desperate Housewives (2004-2012).

Marcia was born in Marlborough, Massachusetts.  She is one of three daughters born to Janet, a teacher and Mark Cross, a personnel manager.  She was raised Catholic and attended Marlborough High School, from where she graduated in 1980.  Upon graduating high school, she received a half-scholarship to Juilliard and graduated in 1984 with a B.F.A in Acting.  She returned to school in 1997 to earn a Master’s Degree in Psychology, which she received from Antioch University Los Angeles in 2003.

Marcia began her television career in 1984 on the soap opera The Edge of Night, playing the recurring role of Liz Correll.  Afterwards, she relocated from New York to Los Angeles, and soon landed roles in television movies such as The Last Days of Frank and Jesse James, co-starring with Johnny Cash and Kris Kristofferson.  In 1986 she joined the cast of the ABC daytime soap opera One Life to Live, where she played the role of Kate Sanders, until 1987.  She followed this with guest-starring roles on primetime shows such as Who’s the Boss?, Quantum Leap, Knots Landing and Cheers.

In 2004, Marcia won the role of Bree Van de Kamp on Desperate Housewives.  The show was the breakout hit of the 2004-2005 television season and Marcia was nominated for several awards for her role, including an Emmy Award, three Golden Globe Awards, and five Screen Actors Guild Awards (winning two with cast).  She also received a Satellite Award for her performance in the show’s second season.  The series ran for eight seasons until it concluded in 2012 and Marcia took a break from acting to focus on motherhood.

marcia-cross-picture-1Marcia was the long-time companion of actor Richard Jordan, 25 years her senior.  Sadly Richard died of a brain tumor in 1993.  She later married stockbroker Tom Mahoney in 2006.  In February 2007 Marcia gave birth to twin daughters, Eden and Savannah, shortly before her 45th birthday.  In 2009, it was announced that Tom Mahoney had been diagnosed with cancer, of which now he is in remission.

Life Is WildStephanie Niznik (Nina Feeney)
Born: Stephanie Lynne Niznik – May 20, 1967

Stephine is most famous for her role as Nina Feeney on Everwood.

Besides her role on Everwood, Stephanie has had guest roles on television series, Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman, Profiler, Sliders, Jag, Frasier, Epoch, Star Trek: Enterprise, Traveller and Diagnosis: Murder.  In addition to being a series regular on the mid-1990s action drama Vanishing Son and the 2007 drama Life is Wild she has also appeared in the films Star Trek: Insurrection and Exit to Eden.

She was born in Bangor, Maine, and has only been active as an actress since 1994.  She received her Masters of Fine Arts from Duke University.


There does not appear to be any further movies or television series from Stephanie since 2009.

Jakehartman2Scott Wolf (Dr. Jake Hartman)
Born: Scott Richard Wolf – June 04, 1968

You might remember Scott from his role as Bailey Salinger on the television series Party of Five.  He is also known for his role he play as Dr. Jake Hartman on the television series Everwood.

He was born in Boston, Massachusetts to mother Susan (Levy) a drug abuse counselor and father Steven Wolf, a health care executive.  He was raised in a Reform Jewish family, and grew up in West Orange, New Jersey.  He graduated in 1986 from West Orange High School and attended The George Washington University where he received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Finance.  He became a Brother of the Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity.

Scott cut his acting teeth on the television series Party of Five as Bailey Salinger, he also portrayed as a doctor on the short-lived The Nine.  His own maternal grandfather was an anesthesiologist.  He has also made guest appearances as himself on Action and Kids Inc.  His latest credit is the recent 2013 movie The Volunteer as Jimmy and the upcoming 2014 movie 37 which is currently in post-production.

A little known fact of Scott’s career is that he was in four episodes of the 1990-1991 Television series ‘Saved by the Bell’ as a student, waiter and a movie patron.

Jakehartman1Scott was engaged to Alyssa Milano in 1993, but they separated after a year and a half.  In 2002 he began to date Kelley Marie Limp after a meeting through a mutual friend Joel Goldman in New York City.  They married on May 29, 2004 and planned to make their home in Santa Monica, California.  Their son, Jackson Kayse was born in 2009.  On May 19, 2012, Scott announced on Twitter that he and his wife were expecting their second child.  Miller William was born on November 10, 2012 and on November 20, 2013, he announced that their third child was due on May 2014.

Scott and Kelley now make Park City, Utah their family home and have a house in Santa Monica, California.

nerble - everwood s3 sarah drew 01Sarah Drew (Hannah Rogers)
Born: Sarah Drew – October 01, 1980

Sarah is known for her role as Hannah Rogers on the television series Everwood and her role as Dr. April Kepner on Grey’s Anatomy (2009 – Present)

Sarah was born in Charlottesville, Virginia and raised in Stony Brook, New York on Long Island where she also attended the Stony Brook School.  Her mother, Dr. Jeannie Drew is now teaching biology at the independent private school for girls, Brearley, in Manhattan.  Her father, Rev. Charles Drew is the senior pastor at Emmanuel Presbyterian Church in New York City.

Sarah began acting in school plays, community theater with Take One Theater Arts and Summer Stock.  She received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Drama from the University of Virginia in 2002.

In 1997, whilst Sarah was still at high school, she lent her voice to the animated television series Daria, playing the character of Stacy Rowe.

In 2001, Sarah made her professional stage debut as Juliet in Romeo and Juliet at the McCarter Theatre in Princeton, New Jersey.  She made her Broadway debut in 2003 in Vincent in Brixton, which later took her to London’s West End.

In 2010, she was promoted to a series regular on the television series Grey’s Anatomy.

sarahdrewIn the summer of 2013, she filmed Moms’ night Owl with former co-star Patricia Heaton, whom she previously work with on Front of the Class.

Sarah is married to Peter Lanfer (sorry guys), a lecturer at UCLA and visiting faculty at Dartmouth in June 2002.  They reside in Los Angeles.  On January 18, 2012, they welcomed the arrival of their first child, a son named Micah Emmanuel.

 everwood-3 gregorys_1256320476everwood_1024x768

Warner Home Video has released all four seasons of Everwood on DVD for your enjoyment.

DVD name Ep# Release dates
Region 1 Region 2
The Complete First Season 23 September 07, 2004 September 15, 2010
The Complete Second Season 22 June 16, 2009 December 01, 2010
The Complete Third Season 22 June 15, 2010 February 09, 2011
The Complete Fourth Season 22 August 2, 2011 August 24, 2011


Track listing

  1. “Lonely People” – Jars of Clay (popularized by America)
  2. “Trouble” – Kristin Hersh (popularized by Cat Stevens)
  3. “These Days” – Griffin House (popularized by Nico and Jackson Browne)
  4. “The Only Living Boy in New York” – David Mead (popularized by Simon and Garfunkel)
  5. “Summer Breeze” – Jason Mraz (popularized by Seals and Crofts)
  6. “Father and Son” – Leigh Nash (popularized by Cat Stevens)
  7. “The Harder They Come” – Guster (popularized by Jimmy Cliff)
  8. “Don’t Be Shy” – Travis (popularized by Cat Stevens)
  9. “Operator (That’s Not the Way It Feels)” – Toby Lightman (popularized by Jim Croce)
  10. “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face” – Stereophonics (popularized by Roberta Flack)
  11. “Cathedrals” – Jump Little Children
  12. “Main Title Theme for Everwood” – Blake Neely
  13. “A Love Song” – Treat Williams (bonus track; popularized by Anne Murray)


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References: Information was taken from Wikipedia, IMDB and Google Searches.