The Sun is Setting Across the Skies of Sydney…

In my last post of Batten Down The Hatches… You Never Know When That Storm is Going To Come Rolling Through!!!, I promised I would go out again and attempt to get some sunset shots of Sydney Harbor.

You would not believe what I went through to get them though… The night started out great, not too much traffic heading back into the City, only I took a wrong turn and ended going over the Sydney Harbor Bridge, which meant I had to turn around and come back across, which cost me money, finally getting to where I wanted to be, I parked up and headed back to the Royal Botanical Gardens I was at Saturday just gone.

Hanging around waiting for the Sun to set, and believe me I only just made it.  The large cruise ship that had been docked in the harbor decided it was time to leave, so it spent twenty minutes turning around and leaving the harbor behind.  By this time, a guy came around on his little golf-cart and told everyone that the park was closing.  I thought I can’t believe it, this is the second time I have attempted to get the shots I wanted I told him and you want to kick me out.  I still managed to get some shots as I walked back across the park to the exit.

Then down on the Harbor, which by this time it was getting dark so I thought I would stick around and get some shots of Luna Park (complete disaster – no tripod as of yet) and the lit up Sydney Opera House, which because I didn’t have a tripod I had to improvise by standing my camera on various locations around the waters edge, which someone else, an American had exactly the same idea, and despite standing there for ages for him to move, he continued.

Finally I get to the spot… wait you’re not going to park your ferry there are you…. arrrgghhh!! right in front of my camera.

Well I did finally get some photographs, here they are… please let me have your thoughts in the comments section below:


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