Karen Hutton Talks to Two of my Favorite Photographers…

Photographer and Interviewer Karen Hutton has a chat with two photographers I go to for inspiration all of the time when I go out shooting, especially Matt Kloskowski as he and I have the same interests in Landscape Photography and Scott Kelby for his thoughts on photography and the training videos his company Kelby|One provides to us Photographers and Digital Artists on Photoshop.

I have tried several times to get my photographs under the noses of these two for some time when they perform their blind critic of peoples work, because I would value their opinion of my work and their thoughts on what I should focus my efforts on.

Here is hoping that either Scott or Matt see this blog post and they get in touch.

The first of the two interviews Karen has done is with Matt Kloskowski – I will not do a review of his work or what he brings to Kelby|One as Karen does a great job of describing him, there is no way I could beat it.

The interview is a great insight into how Matt works and how he got into photography, so enjoy:

The second of the two interviews is a recent chat with Scott Kelby when they were at Photoshop World.  In the interview Scott gets a little upset with how he was so frustrated with learning music and strives to the best teacher of technology by teaching people those little tips and tricks that help people get their work done the right way without having to go all around the houses to get there.

The interview shows just how passionate Scott is of his Photography, Music and his Family, please enjoy this short video and keep the Kleenex handy, you might need them.

When you’re done, head on over to Matt and Scott’s blogs and check out their work and insights.

Scott Kelby – http://www.scottkelby.com
Matt Kloskowski – http://www.mattkloskowski.com

Check out their Podcasts as well:

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Also head on over to Kelby|One and take one of their courses.

Also head on over to Karen’s Blog here –