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Greatings from the land of Oz…

After one month in Australia I have finally gotten round to posting here again.  I just wanted to post a quick update on what is happening and what I have planned if you’re interested in reading about my new life in the land of Oz.

The last four weeks have been quite a roller-coaster of a time.  I don’t think I expected it to be easy but I didn’t expect to have such a hard time.

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Photostream #006: Sunset on Loch Lomond

I was required to visit Glasgow, Scotland this past weekend and while I was in the area I thought I would take the opportunity to take some pictures on the edge of Loch Lomond.  I have been to Scotland on a couple of occasions and find the countryside to be very beautiful.

Some photographers like to take the time to explain their story behind their photographs, and thought I would share my story to get the photographs you see below…

… Have I a story for you… you’ll get such a kick out of this one…

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PhotoStream #005: Walking the Tracks

Last weekend (September 16th, 2012) I decided to go on a walk and take some photographs along one of the oldest walking tracks around where I live.  It used to be an old railway track, which many years ago was converted into a walking and cycle network, that stretches almost 30 miles.

This walk ended up being longer than I planned, approximately 25.5 Kilometers.  I have walked this path a few times, but on that day it seemed I had walked a lot further.  The weather wasn’t all that great either.  The day before, I had walked along our local beach (approximately 4 miles in total) and it had been one of the warmest days of September, I got quite a sun-tan.  I only wish I had taken my camera on that day, there were so many photographic opportunities, I could have kicked myself.

The difference between the two days was amazing… you can see what it was like in the pictures below, the dark and grey skies (and it rained a little too).

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Today’s Quick Post: Photography From Where I Live…

Hi all, Today’s quick post, is not going to be long winded text to read, just simply a posting of some photographs I took over last weekend (July 28, 2012 and July 29, 2012), these are along the coast from where I live.

Enjoy… (would love to know what you think, leave me a comment in the comments below this post.

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New Blog: From SF to NYC

Just a quick post to make you guys aware of a new blog I came across…

Not sure when I will ever get the chance, but one of my dreams is to ride across America East to West or vice-versa on the back of a Harley.

I came across a blog of someone who is after my own heart.  A guy called Jeff Hodsdon is moving his life from the bay of San Francisco to the bright lights and busy streets of New York City, a 5,000 mile trip West to East on the back of a Ducati Sport 1000cc (not the choice of bike I would have made, but I guess if you need to move it, what better way to move it).

Don’t get me wrong, the Ducati Sport is definitely on my list of bikes I would like to ride at least once, but to do a 5,000 mile trip on the back of one… ouch.

Good Luck Jeff on your travels, I will be looking forward to seeing more photographs and videos of your trip East.

You too can follow Jeff on his travels, check out his blog here: From SF to NYC


Today’s Quick Post: Crazy UK Weather!

My brother and I were driving back from Leed, UK last Thursday (June 21, 2012), when it began to rain like you wouldn’t believe.  I have to say, I have never seen anything like it, the roads were literally like a river.

We are certainly having some crazy weather these past few months in the UK.

Check it out below:

Of course I am driving, so thank you to my brother for his video.

Trip to Egypt : Review.

It has been a while since my last update, and it is what you have been waiting for, my review of my vacation.  Unfortunately when I posted my article about my departure from the UK to Egypt for my vacation, I had hoped that my hotel would have access to the Internet to allow me to keep you guys updated on what it is like to visit Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt.

The hotel did have the option to use the Internet, but it was extremely expensive to use and felt it was worth holding off until I returned home.  This post is going to be extremely long, apologies for this, but it will give you an idea of what Egypt was like and what activities are available for you to do whilst you are there.

There are some really great photographs for you to enjoy, so please continue to read.

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By the time you read this…

…I will be in the air, heading off on my vacation to Egypt.

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Today’s Quick Post: Departure


Its that time – the one thing I have been waiting on for nearly three months I am now waiting on my departure to Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt – fun times!.

Hope to be able update the blog when I get there. I hope so because trying to update on the iPhone is not easy.