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Intel NUC DC3217IYE and OS X 10.9

As many of you know by now, contrary to my recent article ‘Heading Over to the Dark Side‘ about moving away from Apples iPhone operating system and experiencing Android in any great anger, I am still a big fan of Apple’s products, including their very expensive Mac Pro starting at an eye-watering at $A3,999.00 and heading on up to their heart stopping $A5,299.00 for their 6-core system.

As much as I would like one of those, even their base Mac Mini at a little more reasonable $A749.00 is a little too expensive for me at the moment.

If you are familiar with this blog you will have read my tutorial ‘A Mac Pro at Quarter of the Price‘ where I go through selecting the correct hardware (similar to what Apple uses in their systems) to build yourself a powerful Mac Pro for a quarter of the price of buying a genuine Mac from them.

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Tech Videos from Around the Web…

Today I want to post three videos that I have found from around the web.  I think they give a great understanding of how technology has progressed over the last 25 years.

The Mac in 1985

We start with a video that was produced by The Computer Chronicles where they demonstrate the latest in the Mac Hardware and Software and where it is heading.  The quality isn’t great, but it is 1985 after all….



A look at Japan’s underground bicycle parking system

Secondly we take a look at something that I think that should be adopted by all major cities.  Now I know Japan (although I have never been, but hope to visit in the near future) is a nation that loves to travel around the city by Bicycle and have far more of the things than other cities (combined, probably).

This system is absolutely fantastic…  I will shut up and let Danny Choo of Culture Japan show you how it works.


Photoshop Live – Street Retouch Prank

Finally we have the Photoshop Live – Street Retouch Prank.  This thing made me cry with laughing.  I would love to see this done here in my home town.  Just watch it you will be amazed at how quick they are able to edit photos and the peoples reactions.

WWDC-2013 Keynote (iOS-7, OSX-Mavericks, Mac Pro…) Roundup!

If you guys haven’t already realized, the Worldwide Developers Conference of 2013 (WWDC-2013) is underway in the United States, and if you were among the unlucky few (thousand) not to get a ticket in the 72 seconds it took for the conference to sell out, you can now watch the entire Keynote Address right on the Apple Website.

I would have loved to have put an embedded version of the video for you guys to watch but it is yet to be made available, but you can get to it by clicking on the logo below.  Just be sure to head back here to find out what Apple announced…

wwdc13-about-main{Video will Open a New Tab/Window and Automatically Play}

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What’s In a Brand Anyways?…

You may have heard the old saying “You are only paying for the name…” well this is something that has crossed my mind a lot lately.  Those who read this blog and those that know me, know my devotion to Apple products is a strong one, and despite being a contradiction in terms to what I am about to write about, I will most probably continue to support Apple by purchasing their products in the years to come.

For a number of years, rather than attempting to stick with New Years Resolutions which we all have every intention to comply with and then say when the year ends, well I never did what I set out to do.  I set myself a challenge to learn a new skill for the year, either by attending a class or signing up to college.  This year I decided to return to college and take up a Vehicle Maintenance Course in an attempt to learn how to repair my own vehicle and save myself money on the parts and labor.

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I’ve Been Adding to Apple Profits… MacBook Air 13″ Review

I have been buying myself yet another computer.  Yes! you guessed it… it is a Mac (wouldn’t have anything else).  My MacBook Pro laptop that I purchased from new in 2006, was beginning to show its age, but only in terms of software.  When Apple released the new OSX Mountain Lion they removed support for some of the older Macs.  Although this didn’t mean I couldn’t use my computer any longer, but it meant that I would not be able to upgrade to the latest operating system or any future releases.

The computer itself was in extremely good condition, considering the amount of use it had seen over the six years of its life.  I have to say when Apple built the original MacBook Pro back in 2006, they did it right.  The mouse, the keyboard, the palm rests showed hardly any signs of use.

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Supercar Experience: Review

It does seem such a long time ago now, but if you recall on December 07th, 2011 I ran an article on Holiday Gift Wishlists (Holiday Gift Wishlist 01) and within this article I mentioned I had obtained a voucher from Supercar Lifestyle to spend some time driving some really cool supercars around a race track.

Well, that day finally came yesterday (July 16th, 2012) when I was given the opportunity to drive, for three laps each, the Ferrari 360, Nissan GTR and the Jaguar XKR.  Not my original list of cars but very cool to drive nonetheless.

Below is my account of the day, along with some specifications of the cars I drove and some pictures I took.

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New TableTop Episode from Wil Wheaton…

Quick post to let you guys know of a new TableTop Episode from the one and only Wil Wheaton… this marks the 6th Episode in the series and it features the game ‘Castle Panic’, starring Yuri Lowenthal, Tara Platt and Andre along with Wil Wheaton.


Episode 06 – TableTop – Castle Panic


Check out Wil’s blog over at WWdN: In Exile

Today’s Quick Post: Apple is now selling the Nest Learning Thermostat (US Only)

If you read my last article about the Nest ‘Learning Thermostat’ recently, you will be please to know that there is now an additional place you can get yours… from Apple no less… It is only available in the United States of America at present, but I have heard rumors that it is possible to get one of these to work on UK systems.

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New 4-Points Episode with Alex Albrecht and Alison Haislip Featuring Wil Wheaton

Episode 06

(Divided into four separate videos)

It’s Wil Wheaton and Just Cos‘s Chloe Dykstra on the Nerdist Channel’s 4 Points with Alex Albrecht! Yes! They join Alex and Alison Haislip to discuss four of the week’s hot topics, including a bank-robbing Darth Vader on a bike, an expensive prototype iPad, the zombie apocalypse, and maybe the worst meal ever. Oh, and this week, the topics are divided into separate videos in a playlist, so don’t be alarmed.


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TableTop Episode from WWdN: In Exile

Hi Guys, I know it has been a long time since I last posted anything, same excuse as before ‘simply been really busy with other things’.  Plenty of things to come… I promise this time…

… unfortunately this post is going to be another quick post to let you know about a new program I have been watching on the Internet.  It is TableTop by Wil Wheaton.

The (Internet) program is about playing… surprisingly table-top games.  In the latest episode Wil introduces us to the American board game “Ticket to Ride”, which is also available for iOS Devices as well (speaking of which – Thank you Wil, ever since you made a note that this game was available for the iPhone, I can’t put it down, which means I get no work done, and my readers suffer, thanks maan).  Anyways, the latest episode stars Colin Ferguson (star of Eureka), his wife Anne and their friend Amy.

I really is great fun to watch and you will get a good laugh out of it as well.

Ticket to Ride – with Wil Wheaton and Colin Ferguson


Check out Wil Wheaton’s Blog – WWdN: In Exile