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Intel NUC DC3217IYE and OS X 10.9

As many of you know by now, contrary to my recent article ‘Heading Over to the Dark Side‘ about moving away from Apples iPhone operating system and experiencing Android in any great anger, I am still a big fan of Apple’s products, including their very expensive Mac Pro starting at an eye-watering at $A3,999.00 and heading on up to their heart stopping $A5,299.00 for their 6-core system.

As much as I would like one of those, even their base Mac Mini at a little more reasonable $A749.00 is a little too expensive for me at the moment.

If you are familiar with this blog you will have read my tutorial ‘A Mac Pro at Quarter of the Price‘ where I go through selecting the correct hardware (similar to what Apple uses in their systems) to build yourself a powerful Mac Pro for a quarter of the price of buying a genuine Mac from them.

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Heading Over to the Darkside… iOS vs Android

This very quick article is not designed to be a review of the iPhone 4 or the HTC One mobile phones.  I just so happens to be those phones I have, this article is to express my feelings of moving away from iOS something I said I would never do, and start using Android.

I will start off by saying, I am aware that the photo that starts this article shows the iPhone 5 and the HTC One side-by-side, just so I don’t get loads of comments about my mistake.  As I said this is about iOS vs Android not the phones themselves.

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What’s In a Brand Anyways?…

You may have heard the old saying “You are only paying for the name…” well this is something that has crossed my mind a lot lately.  Those who read this blog and those that know me, know my devotion to Apple products is a strong one, and despite being a contradiction in terms to what I am about to write about, I will most probably continue to support Apple by purchasing their products in the years to come.

For a number of years, rather than attempting to stick with New Years Resolutions which we all have every intention to comply with and then say when the year ends, well I never did what I set out to do.  I set myself a challenge to learn a new skill for the year, either by attending a class or signing up to college.  This year I decided to return to college and take up a Vehicle Maintenance Course in an attempt to learn how to repair my own vehicle and save myself money on the parts and labor.

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Nest – Updates Their Smart Thermostat.

Back in December (which seems so long ago now, but it’s only about 4-5 months), I wrote my ‘30 Cool Gadgets and Concepts‘ article, in which I mentioned a new product by the company Nest of the same name. Now Nest have updated their smart thermostat with new features and I wanted to do a full review of its features.


 $249 per unit.



Nest is the intelligent thermostat that learns about its environment and its owner’s lives, by its usage, by simply turning it up or down.

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3 Epic Apple Product Concepts, I Would Like to See Made…

Being the Apple fan that I am, I have come across several concepts the various people have created (digitally).   After looking through them all, I have selected just three that would be awesome if Apple were to actually make them.  It is unlikely that any of these products will see the light of day, but there is some really great designers out there.

The three I have selected to show here are as follows:

  • Apple iPod Nano Coin
  • Apple QuickTake Camera
  • Apple iPod Shuffle 2020

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What Can We Expect from Apple’s Media Event on March 07th…

As the longingly anticipated media event from Apple draws near.  I thought I would jot down some rumors that have been floating around the Internet for the past few weeks of what Tim Cook and his colleagues could possibly announce at this event, and then later update what they actually do release.

These media events very rarely focus around one single product, but we all know what the star of the show is likely to be… right?

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30 Cool Gadgets and Concepts

As you will continue to read this blog, you will quickly learn that I love my gadgets, and today’s post is no exception.  Here is a collection of some awesome gadgets and concepts I have found around the Internet.  You could say this is another wishlist, but despite not having the prices for some of the items on the list, the others come to approximate total of $46,500.00, so it is unlikely.  Hope you enjoy.  Would love to hear your thoughts on this list and any other gadgets and concepts you have discovered.

I’m Tech Watch (from 299.00€) Buy Here

As tough as titanium, as light as carbonium, i’m Tech is ready for action. You won’t feel its weightless company until you need it, which may happen very often. Music, messages, photos, video and all the most useful apps are always at tip of your finger. Keep on moving, i’m Watch will keep track of what you call for.

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Holiday Gift Wishlist – Item #1

As another year draws to a close.  The holidays are only just around the corner, and we are all writing those (mental) lists of items that we would so love to be given as gifts by our loved ones.

I am not talking about that Ferrari 360 that you’ve always wanted.  I think it is unlikely that many of us would receive a such gift.

Number One on my list of items I would so love to have is the:

EXOdesk from EXOPC.  Estimated price: $1,299

The EXOdesk consists of a 40-inch HD desk has been compared to the the Microsoft Surface. The most notable difference between Microsoft’s product and EXOPC EXOdesk is the Price. The Surface retails for $8,900, while the EXOdesk looks more like a consumer product with its more manageable price tag of $1,299.

The desk is expected to be released in the early part of 2012.  If it turns out to be only $1,299… then I so will be buying one.  Only hope this one is real.

There is not much to the video, but it worth a watch to see what this puppy can do.

There is more to come soon.