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Happy Thanksgiving

Here’s wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving to my American readers.  I hope you enjoy your time with friends and family.


Happy New Year!

Maddie and I would like to wish…

You All The Very Best For 2012

Happy New Year

Spending Your Gift Money…

Hello all, I trust you had a wonderful time this Christmas Season, we only have one day left of 2011.  I thought I would would place a quick post to finish off the year about gifts and money.

As we get older it becomes less important on material items as gifts, and see the gift of money or gift vouchers as the best solution, not just because it is the easiest way out because you simply can’t think of anything to buy that someone who probably has everything you can think of anyway, it is a great way to allow that person buy what they want with the money.  Whether it is a cash gift, iTunes Gift Card, Store Credit Voucher, or a Book Token, it allows us to get the things in life we’ve always want or need.

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Holiday Gift Wishlist (2)

Welcome to the sequel to Holiday Gift Wish List (1).  I have posted a lot since that initial post on December 7th, 2011, and now as we get ever closer to the big day, I thought it was only fitting to post about some other things I would like to receive as gifts if someone was so kind as to give them to me.

The gifts on this wishlist are somewhat more extravagant and require rather a large purse-string to warrant purchasing these.

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Hit That Winter Sun…

Like all of you I am looking forward to spending time with family and friends over the holidays… only 4-days to go.  I have not had a chance to jet off abroad for sometime, and with the cold weather upon us and the ever increasing possibility of some snow, I felt I needed to find somewhere nice and warm to relax.

I have been to several places when I was a child, France, Spain, Channel Islands.  But some places as an adult, New York, San Francisco, Florida, and Las Vegas for instance are all safe places or some would say the lazy holidays, everyone speaks English (of sorts – the American’s will argue that they speak American not English – but that is a whole different argument or post).

I made a promise to myself last New Years (2011), that I would make a concerned effort to learn a new skill and visit a country around the world that I had never been to.  This time I chose Egypt.  It is a place I have always wanted to see, and being a photographer and now a qualified diver (that’s the new skill I was on about), it is one of the best places around the world to try out my diving/snorkeling and bring back some great photographs (I only hope they are anything like these I have sourced from the Internet).

My vacation is not until February 2012, but I am already counting down the days.  I will be visiting the resort of Sharm el Sheikh.

The wonderful resort of Sharm el Sheikh lies right on the coast of the Sinai Peninsula, between Mount Sinai and the Red Sea, in Egypt. At the entrance of the Gulf of Aqaba and looking out across to Tiran Island, Sharm el Sheikh is the sun-worshipping holiday makers paradise.

From 20° in December and January through to 35° in July and August, Sharm el Sheikh really is the all year round holiday resort, and with the sea temperature averaging 20° in January to a glorious 26° from July to September it is no wonder that holiday makers return year after year. The coastline is a mixture of lovely sandy beaches and jetties for easy access to the crystal clear sea.

I plan to stay at the Sol Sharm Resort Hotel, which by what I have read so far of other peoples experiences seems to be a really great hotel.  I managed to get a really good deal on flights and hotel.  This gives me the opportunity to experience Egypt with a couple of activities whilst I am there.  My research has unearthed a company called Charm of Sharm, that provides several activities at affordable prices.  I only hope they are still operating when I get there, I haven’t been able to find discernible proof that they are.  If you can give me an indication that they are, I would be grateful for your comments.

If they are still running, I will be looking into doing the Quad-Biking Tour into the Desert for a Sunset, and their Day Trip to Cairo to visit the Pyramids (can’t go to Egypt and not see the Pyramids, now can I).

I will be posting my experience and photographs on this blog when I return, so keep an eye out for that.

Holiday Gift Wishlist (1)

It’s that gift giving time of year again that we hope we get what we’ve always wanted from our loved ones over the holiday period.  I don’t think it matters how old we get, we still have a small part of us that acts like a child and wishes we could have anything we see.

This is a small list of items I wish I would be given as gifts over this 2011 holiday period…

I would also really like to hear your comments and thoughts on what you would like as gifts.

Vehicle Wishlist

When you are 17 (or 21 in my case) you get to take your driving test, and finally get your first car.  You have freedom to go anywhere, anytime you like (within reason).  If you are like me cars are not just metal boxes on four wheels (it surprises me that some cars around where I live actually have four wheels, considering the state the rest of the car is in)… anyway I digress… cars to me are something I like maintaining and adding accessories to it, to make it look like I want.

Well nothing has changed in the 10+ years I have been driving and the 5 cars I have had in that time.  My current car is a 4×4, and if you have read my other posts, you will have noticed I like to use it off-road occassionally.

I have now started buying accessories to it… started with a Nudge Bar with Spot Lamps, now there is more items I would like to add to it.  Here is this list:

  • Tyres – I would like a decent set of 245/70/R16 Mud  and Snow – All terrain tyres.
  • Roof Light Bar – with a minimum of 4 Spot Lamps.


Photography Wishlist

Photography has been a hobby of mine for a number of years, and remains so to this day.  Only now I get a chance to use my photography (occassionally) for others.  Five or so years ago I met a guy at college whom was starting up his own photography business and required someone to assist him (initially, because I have a Computing Degree, that he required my skills in that area).

We have now been working on and off for the last five years doing various styles of photography.  The items on this list would only make my life easier both out doing my favorite type of photography – Landscapes and working with my friend in the studio.

  • Steroid Speed Belt v2 – $59.75 from thinkTank Photo
  • Pixel Racing Harness v2 – $39.75 from thinkTank Photo
    Designed to distribute your equipment’s weight between your shoulders and hips.
    Attaches to Pro Speed Belt, Thin Skin Belt,and Steroid Speed Belt
  • Lens Changer 15 v2 (Modular System) – $25.75 from thinkTank Photo
  • Lens Changer 25 v2 (Modular System) – $27.75 from thinkTank Photo


Motorsport Activities Wishlist

  • SuperCar Experience Activity day with SuperCar Lifestyle.
    A two and a half hour experience around a choice of three tracks, and three laps in each of either a Lamborghini Gallardo, Aston Martin DB9, Ferrari 360 Challenge, Porsche GT3 Oakley, TVR Sagaris Super Sport, TVR T350, Nissan GTR, and Porsche GT2.

    I am thinking
    1. Ferrari 360 Challenge (Top of my list)

    2. Aston Martin DB9

    3. Either the Nissan GTR, or Porsche GT2

    It’s a hard choice to make.

That is it for list one, keep an eye out for my next list, and any updates, if any of my wishes come true.


A quick post to wish all our American friends a very Happy Thanksgiving 2011, hope you have a wonderful time with family and friends.