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Greatings from the land of Oz…

After one month in Australia I have finally gotten round to posting here again.  I just wanted to post a quick update on what is happening and what I have planned if you’re interested in reading about my new life in the land of Oz.

The last four weeks have been quite a roller-coaster of a time.  I don’t think I expected it to be easy but I didn’t expect to have such a hard time.

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The ARAC ZXS Concept by Marko Petrovic

It has been a while since my last article that featured a motorcycle.  Although I no longer own a motorcycle (for now) my passion for their aesthetic design and convenience, has not gone away.

When I saw this beautifully designed concept bike by Marko Petrovic, my enthusiasm was revived and just had to do a post on it, and only hope we will see something like it on our roads soon.

I know it is on my wish list…

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Today’s Quick Post: There is some crazy drivers out there…

During my daily scan of Digg ( stories, I came across this video of some guys enjoying a ride in the Omaha, NE night, when this crazy driver decides he doesn’t like them for no apparent reason and tries to run them off the road.

In the video you see several times tries hit the bikes at 60+ MPH, and on two occasions actually come in to contact with the bikes, one being the video bike.

The notes section of the YouTube video, states the driver was arrested on drug charges, nothing related to what the guys on the bikes were doing.

Being a rider myself, it really annoys me that some people have no respect for motorcyclists, drug deluded or otherwise.  Check out the video below, and hope this never happens to you.

The video does contain ‘Not Suitable for Work’ language… so you have been warned!

New Blog: From SF to NYC

Just a quick post to make you guys aware of a new blog I came across…

Not sure when I will ever get the chance, but one of my dreams is to ride across America East to West or vice-versa on the back of a Harley.

I came across a blog of someone who is after my own heart.  A guy called Jeff Hodsdon is moving his life from the bay of San Francisco to the bright lights and busy streets of New York City, a 5,000 mile trip West to East on the back of a Ducati Sport 1000cc (not the choice of bike I would have made, but I guess if you need to move it, what better way to move it).

Don’t get me wrong, the Ducati Sport is definitely on my list of bikes I would like to ride at least once, but to do a 5,000 mile trip on the back of one… ouch.

Good Luck Jeff on your travels, I will be looking forward to seeing more photographs and videos of your trip East.

You too can follow Jeff on his travels, check out his blog here: From SF to NYC


Cheap Motorbike Insurance…

That statement is seen all over the Internet within the UK.  Insurance companies falling over themselves to offer you the cheapest motorbike insurance around.  Whether you are new to motorbikes, only being riding a few years or a motorbike veteran, that statement is likely to change very soon.

New legislation is set to come into force in the coming months that could see your insurance premiums sky-rocket, if you just get one speeding ticket.

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Electric Motorbikes Just Got Cooler…

With a more than a passing fascination of riding motorbikes, I can appreciate the aesthetics of them, and the thrills they give you when you get on a powerful two-wheeler.  I have driven cars for over ten years and cannot find what the fascination is for swapping the combustion engine we have come to love for ‘batteries’.

Sure today, battery-powered cars will help to save the planet from the harmful gases our cars and bikes produce.  The problem is, no car maker out there (with the exception of the Tesla Roadster) is making a cool looking battery-powered car with the power of today’s combustion engine, whilst giving – without a better phrase – good fuel economy.

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Today’s Quick Post: BikeExif Interview with Charley Boorman

We recently saw Charley Boorman on his last adventure across the country that is Canada on his Extreme Frontiers Show.

BikeExif, the motorcycling blog has a great interview of Charley Boorman, answering some questions about his experiences of riding motorbikes growing up and is adventures around the world.

It is definitely worth a look.  Check it out here.


What was the first motorcycle you bought with your own money?

It was a Yamaha DT100 (below) and I still have it today. Both of my girls learned to ride on it. It’s such a fantastic bike.


VMAX HyperModified

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Is a bike license worth it?

More and more people are turning to the possibility of riding a motorcycle as fuel and insurance prices continue to rise. It is not only cheaper in terms of fuel economy, it is also cheaper to maintain than their four wheel cousins.

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Holiday Gift Wishlist (2)

Welcome to the sequel to Holiday Gift Wish List (1).  I have posted a lot since that initial post on December 7th, 2011, and now as we get ever closer to the big day, I thought it was only fitting to post about some other things I would like to receive as gifts if someone was so kind as to give them to me.

The gifts on this wishlist are somewhat more extravagant and require rather a large purse-string to warrant purchasing these.

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