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Intel NUC DC3217IYE and OS X 10.9

As many of you know by now, contrary to my recent article ‘Heading Over to the Dark Side‘ about moving away from Apples iPhone operating system and experiencing Android in any great anger, I am still a big fan of Apple’s products, including their very expensive Mac Pro starting at an eye-watering at $A3,999.00 and heading on up to their heart stopping $A5,299.00 for their 6-core system.

As much as I would like one of those, even their base Mac Mini at a little more reasonable $A749.00 is a little too expensive for me at the moment.

If you are familiar with this blog you will have read my tutorial ‘A Mac Pro at Quarter of the Price‘ where I go through selecting the correct hardware (similar to what Apple uses in their systems) to build yourself a powerful Mac Pro for a quarter of the price of buying a genuine Mac from them.

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WWDC-2013 Keynote (iOS-7, OSX-Mavericks, Mac Pro…) Roundup!

If you guys haven’t already realized, the Worldwide Developers Conference of 2013 (WWDC-2013) is underway in the United States, and if you were among the unlucky few (thousand) not to get a ticket in the 72 seconds it took for the conference to sell out, you can now watch the entire Keynote Address right on the Apple Website.

I would have loved to have put an embedded version of the video for you guys to watch but it is yet to be made available, but you can get to it by clicking on the logo below.  Just be sure to head back here to find out what Apple announced…

wwdc13-about-main{Video will Open a New Tab/Window and Automatically Play}

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I’ve Been Adding to Apple Profits… MacBook Air 13″ Review

I have been buying myself yet another computer.  Yes! you guessed it… it is a Mac (wouldn’t have anything else).  My MacBook Pro laptop that I purchased from new in 2006, was beginning to show its age, but only in terms of software.  When Apple released the new OSX Mountain Lion they removed support for some of the older Macs.  Although this didn’t mean I couldn’t use my computer any longer, but it meant that I would not be able to upgrade to the latest operating system or any future releases.

The computer itself was in extremely good condition, considering the amount of use it had seen over the six years of its life.  I have to say when Apple built the original MacBook Pro back in 2006, they did it right.  The mouse, the keyboard, the palm rests showed hardly any signs of use.

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3 Epic Apple Product Concepts, I Would Like to See Made…

Being the Apple fan that I am, I have come across several concepts the various people have created (digitally).   After looking through them all, I have selected just three that would be awesome if Apple were to actually make them.  It is unlikely that any of these products will see the light of day, but there is some really great designers out there.

The three I have selected to show here are as follows:

  • Apple iPod Nano Coin
  • Apple QuickTake Camera
  • Apple iPod Shuffle 2020

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What Can We Expect from Apple’s Media Event on March 07th…

As the longingly anticipated media event from Apple draws near.  I thought I would jot down some rumors that have been floating around the Internet for the past few weeks of what Tim Cook and his colleagues could possibly announce at this event, and then later update what they actually do release.

These media events very rarely focus around one single product, but we all know what the star of the show is likely to be… right?

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I’ve been buying… again!

Yep, I have been spending my money… again! – This time I have been buying a couple of items in preparation of my vacation to Egypt.

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30 Cool Gadgets and Concepts

As you will continue to read this blog, you will quickly learn that I love my gadgets, and today’s post is no exception.  Here is a collection of some awesome gadgets and concepts I have found around the Internet.  You could say this is another wishlist, but despite not having the prices for some of the items on the list, the others come to approximate total of $46,500.00, so it is unlikely.  Hope you enjoy.  Would love to hear your thoughts on this list and any other gadgets and concepts you have discovered.

I’m Tech Watch (from 299.00€) Buy Here

As tough as titanium, as light as carbonium, i’m Tech is ready for action. You won’t feel its weightless company until you need it, which may happen very often. Music, messages, photos, video and all the most useful apps are always at tip of your finger. Keep on moving, i’m Watch will keep track of what you call for.

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Today’s Quick Post : Outstanding Apple Workstations

Today’s quick post is an outstanding post by blog.  Those of you who know me, know only to well I am a huge fan of anything Apple.  So it is good to see peoples appreciation of the wonderful design and creativity of Apple.

Check out the post on of 35 Beautiful Apple Device Photographs.

Idea #3 : Heated Roads

It has always amazed me how this country can grind to a halt when a small amount of snow falls from the heavens.  Records have shown, the most severe of winters with record highs of snowfall was 1947, where from January 22nd to March 17th, snow fell every day, somewhere in the UK.  The temperatures rarely rose more than a degree or 2 above freezing.  Several of these snowfalls were of 60cm or more, with some depths of level-snow reaching 1.5 meters (150cm) in Upper Teesdale and the Denbighshire Hills.

We in the UK have not seen these kinds of snowfall since that date.  I am not saying that snow on our nations roads is not disruptive, it can cause real problems, but it has always amazed me how no-one seems to be prepared for it, including the government agencies.

Since the severe shortages of road-salt last year (so the government agencies said) they have increased their orders this year in case we get the same levels of snowfall.

Idea #3 : Heated Roads

Despite the efforts of government agencies ploughing and salting the roads, our roads never seem to be clear of snow and ice during the winter.  I have often thought that there must be a better way to keep our roads clear of snow, ice and frost in the winter so I thought of having heated coils embedded in our roads is the answer.

When sections of roads are laid, why can we not put a simple heated coil, similar to those used in underfloor heating in homes:

Even if the government undertook my previous idea, these coils could be wired up to our streetlamps and be switched on at key times during the winter or when the temperature drops below a certain level, meaning that any ice, frost or snow is removed from the roads and they are safer to drive on.


After some further research I have found there is a UK based company called ICAX which is already using what they call :

ICAX™ Solar Road Systems – which clear the ice and snow from roads using under road heating or IHT (Interseasonal Heat Transfer) which captures surplus heat from the summer sunshine, stores it in ThermalBanks™ in the ground and releases it to heat buildings or roads in winter.

A black tarmac road in full sunshine will often reach 15°C higher than the ambient air temperature. ICAX captures this free energy in summer (reducing the peak  temperature at the surface) and returns the heat in winter.


So why is this method not being adopted by our local councils?

That is Idea #3.  Please leave your comments below and let me know what you think, or let me have your ideas of alternatives.

A Mac Pro at Quarter of the Price (Tutorial)

As you continue to read this (in replace of a better word) blog, you will very quickly begin to realize that I am somewhat of an Apple fanboy and own several items of Apple hardware.

  • iMac 17″ Core2Duo (2006) – Now Sold
  • MacBook Pro Core2Duo (2006) Laptop
  • AppleTV (First Generation)
  • iPhone 4
  • iPod 5th Generation

Some would have you believe that I am made of money and will buy anything that has newly been released.  Trust me, this is something of a myth and this is reflected in the age of the computer hardware that I have mention above.

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