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Today’s Quick Post: There is some crazy drivers out there…

During my daily scan of Digg (digg.com) stories, I came across this video of some guys enjoying a ride in the Omaha, NE night, when this crazy driver decides he doesn’t like them for no apparent reason and tries to run them off the road.

In the video you see several times tries hit the bikes at 60+ MPH, and on two occasions actually come in to contact with the bikes, one being the video bike.

The notes section of the YouTube video, states the driver was arrested on drug charges, nothing related to what the guys on the bikes were doing.

Being a rider myself, it really annoys me that some people have no respect for motorcyclists, drug deluded or otherwise.  Check out the video below, and hope this never happens to you.

The video does contain ‘Not Suitable for Work’ language… so you have been warned!