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Photostream #008: Sydney Harbor, The Rocks and Vintage Editing.

Welcome to PhotoStream Number 08, it has been a while  since the last PhotoStream post (November 2012), sure that has been some posts about photography since then but nothing that specifically focuses on a particular type of photography.

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Today’s Quick Post: Photography From Where I Live…

Hi all, Today’s quick post, is not going to be long winded text to read, just simply a posting of some photographs I took over last weekend (July 28, 2012 and July 29, 2012), these are along the coast from where I live.

Enjoy… (would love to know what you think, leave me a comment in the comments below this post.

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Out Green-Laning – Part 1

I have been out Green-Laning today around Blanchland, Northumberland and Derwent Reservoir – I will be posting some photographs of the day but in the mean time here is a couple nice photographs for you to enjoy.


HDR Imaging Tutorial

As promised, I have put together what I hope will be an easy to understand and follow tutorial of creating HDR (High Dynamic Range) Images.

I think it is only fair to give you a basic understanding of what HDR Imaging/Photography is, and confess – they say that you learn something new every day of your life, and whilst putting this tutorial together I have actually learned something new.

What is HDR Imaging/Photography?

HDR or High Dynamic Range Imaging is a technique of using several differently exposed images, either digitally, or using several negatives when processing a single image.

Using this method allows for a greater dynamic range between the lightest and darkest areas of an image.  If you were to simply take a single photograph, not everything will be visible in the resulting image.  For example, if you were to take a photograph of a sea-scape, you would either have an image with greater detail in the sky, or greater detail in the foreground, but not both.

To get both, you need at least two (three is better) separate images, an image which shows the detail in the sky, and a second showing the detail in the foreground and combine the two on the computer (or expose the two negatives together).

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HDR (High Dynamic Range) – Photography

Source Image

I am sure those of you that like taking photographs, have heard of  something called HDR or High Dynamic Range Photography, and wondered to yourself, what exactly is HDR Photography?

Well it is the taking of at least three photographs of the same subject with a digital camera, one under-exposed, one exposed-normally and one over-exposed and using a program similar to PhotoMatix (which is available for Windows and Mac OSx) combine the three and produce some interesting creations.

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