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Karen Hutton Talks to Two of my Favorite Photographers…

Photographer and Interviewer Karen Hutton has a chat with two photographers I go to for inspiration all of the time when I go out shooting, especially Matt Kloskowski as he and I have the same interests in Landscape Photography and Scott Kelby for his thoughts on photography and the training videos his company Kelby|One provides to us Photographers and Digital Artists on Photoshop.

I have tried several times to get my photographs under the noses of these two for some time when they perform their blind critic of peoples work, because I would value their opinion of my work and their thoughts on what I should focus my efforts on.

Here is hoping that either Scott or Matt see this blog post and they get in touch.

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Today’s Quick Post: Check Out Kelby Training…!

For a number of years, I had considered joining the National Association of Photoshop Professional (NAPP), the company that was founded by Scott Kelby, and the producers of Photoshop User Magazine.  This was a result of watching the ‘Photoshop Guys’ podcast since it began all those years ago.  I even remember when it was simply a MP3 podcast – try following a tutorial on Photoshop without a visual reference…

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Today’s Quick Post: 6 Days of Photoshop CS6 with the Photoshop Guys.

The Photoshop Guys in association with the National Association of Photoshop Professionals, in celebration of the Adobe Creative Suite 6 Launch, has put together a series of videos showing the new features of Photoshop CS6.  It is only open to the public for a limited time, so head on over to their site for a sneak preview of how to use the new features, and then you will be ready for when it is released.  Click on the graphic below to head on over, I know I will be.