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Cheap Motorbike Insurance…

That statement is seen all over the Internet within the UK.  Insurance companies falling over themselves to offer you the cheapest motorbike insurance around.  Whether you are new to motorbikes, only being riding a few years or a motorbike veteran, that statement is likely to change very soon.

New legislation is set to come into force in the coming months that could see your insurance premiums sky-rocket, if you just get one speeding ticket.

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Today’s Quick Post: BikeExif Interview with Charley Boorman

We recently saw Charley Boorman on his last adventure across the country that is Canada on his Extreme Frontiers Show.

BikeExif, the motorcycling blog has a great interview of Charley Boorman, answering some questions about his experiences of riding motorbikes growing up and is adventures around the world.

It is definitely worth a look.  Check it out here.


What was the first motorcycle you bought with your own money?

It was a Yamaha DT100 (below) and I still have it today. Both of my girls learned to ride on it. It’s such a fantastic bike.