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Hit That Winter Sun…

Like all of you I am looking forward to spending time with family and friends over the holidays… only 4-days to go.  I have not had a chance to jet off abroad for sometime, and with the cold weather upon us and the ever increasing possibility of some snow, I felt I needed to find somewhere nice and warm to relax.

I have been to several places when I was a child, France, Spain, Channel Islands.  But some places as an adult, New York, San Francisco, Florida, and Las Vegas for instance are all safe places or some would say the lazy holidays, everyone speaks English (of sorts – the American’s will argue that they speak American not English – but that is a whole different argument or post).

I made a promise to myself last New Years (2011), that I would make a concerned effort to learn a new skill and visit a country around the world that I had never been to.  This time I chose Egypt.  It is a place I have always wanted to see, and being a photographer and now a qualified diver (that’s the new skill I was on about), it is one of the best places around the world to try out my diving/snorkeling and bring back some great photographs (I only hope they are anything like these I have sourced from the Internet).

My vacation is not until February 2012, but I am already counting down the days.  I will be visiting the resort of Sharm el Sheikh.

The wonderful resort of Sharm el Sheikh lies right on the coast of the Sinai Peninsula, between Mount Sinai and the Red Sea, in Egypt. At the entrance of the Gulf of Aqaba and looking out across to Tiran Island, Sharm el Sheikh is the sun-worshipping holiday makers paradise.

From 20° in December and January through to 35° in July and August, Sharm el Sheikh really is the all year round holiday resort, and with the sea temperature averaging 20° in January to a glorious 26° from July to September it is no wonder that holiday makers return year after year. The coastline is a mixture of lovely sandy beaches and jetties for easy access to the crystal clear sea.

I plan to stay at the Sol Sharm Resort Hotel, which by what I have read so far of other peoples experiences seems to be a really great hotel.  I managed to get a really good deal on flights and hotel.  This gives me the opportunity to experience Egypt with a couple of activities whilst I am there.  My research has unearthed a company called Charm of Sharm, that provides several activities at affordable prices.  I only hope they are still operating when I get there, I haven’t been able to find discernible proof that they are.  If you can give me an indication that they are, I would be grateful for your comments.

If they are still running, I will be looking into doing the Quad-Biking Tour into the Desert for a Sunset, and their Day Trip to Cairo to visit the Pyramids (can’t go to Egypt and not see the Pyramids, now can I).

I will be posting my experience and photographs on this blog when I return, so keep an eye out for that.